Mafalda Tips - Spring Cleaning

3 tips for true spring cleaning

This week started different… with more light, heat and hope. Perhaps because I started making a real effort to take care of me.

Feng Shui | Pau Santo


I started by making a kind of detox to my body and my house. And as much as they say it's “myth” I believe otherwise ... Arrange our space. Cleaning it not only physically but also energetically makes things flow differently. The power of Feng Shui.

I started with the children's closet and donated all the clothes that do not fit or do not wear. I organized everything very well, and started tidying up the winter clothes. I did the same in mine. I forced myself to give the clothes I haven't worn for at least 2 years.

It seems that the spaces needed to breathe… 

The same with loose toys, books and “pieces” that are always walking around the house.

After that I like to pass Pau Santo around the house (you can see how to use here), the smell brings renewal. Step in particular at the entrance of the house and where we sleep. 

It's time to make a Reset! "Shake" this winter dust (which I can't take it anymore) and assume that spring has arrived and with it warmer days. Perfect height to make a detox.

So I developed this new Detox Reset Kit 7 Days. Super easy for those who don't have time, as it includes everything they need to help us make a transformation in 7 days.

The idea is a general detox to feel lighter and more energy. The kit brings an instant breakfast, a protein and a detox powder - all for 7 days of taking. A 23 pages detox manual with everything you need to know to help you succeed in this detox. A body brush and a holy stick. 

These 7 days of reset help oxygenate body and liberation from toxins to accelerate metabolism and disinherte naturally.

It seems that my body was really needing a reset, because everything in me changed. I have more energy, good humor, creativity, metabolism has improved a lot.

This is a type of cleaning that we should do 4 times a year when changing the seasons.

I managed to have more willpower in the morning to exercise the body and take better care of me. This one It is the site I use to “exercise” at home. 

Sea Body Oil | Water shame


Clean toxins ... Here is the largest ally for a body are, toned and soft…

Will use Body brush Before the bath, to remove toxins, like this.

To spend Sea oil I ask all the body and use the Gua shame body To always massage from the ends to the heart (not counting the chest zone - avoid). This process will activate the circulation well, make stagnant zones move, melt cellulite and good things like that.

I do not usually treat the body as I treat the face, but from now on I will make a great effort to do so, because I believe that consistency is the best ally for true transformations.