April Horoscope

Spring arrived and with it one of the most intense months of the year in astrological terms. Get ready, because April brings eclipses, Mercury in retrograde motion to shuffle the plans, a powerful Clash between Mars and Saturn, and a meeting between Jupiter and Uranus that will awaken consciousness. It's a lot of excitement, but also the perfect time to break free from what no longer serves, loosen and find that anything is possible when we are aligned with our truth.


Dear Carneiro, April is your month, and it is perfect to reconnect with yourself! His regent planet, Mars, will be in fish for most of April, inviting her to flow in the waters of emotions, slowly slow down and check if she is in tune with her true desires and needs.

But a ram will always be a ram, full of voluntarism and independence. The career sector will also be focused, with many opportunities to shine and even reap the fruits of your work. Between ambition and rest, balance is critical. Start the conquest of the world, yes, but be sure to take care of yourself.

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April will not be the easiest month in the world for themselves, dear Taurus, with the planets moving in a challenging way. Retrograde Mercury, from day 1, and the solar eclipse of the 8th, can make it stagnate, but the answer is in itself. Let yourself flow, cling to the present moment, and trust the process.

There is something dreamed energy in the air, and closer to the end of the month a rare conjunction of Jupiter-Auran (the last one was 14 years ago) happens in its sign and can be the impetus it expected to be inspired.

Another positive aspect is that the beautiful Venus, regent of her sign, walks through her house V these days, encouraging her to explore her most creative side and playful activities, and to connect more to her children in her Life, and everything that makes your heart smile (including passions!)

Product of the month: Day 21 a rare conjunction between Jupiter and Uranus, in its sign, encourages it to expand its most authentic side. Shine even more with the IBody Luminator Mar.



April is a month well filled with regarding social life. This is great for conversators and curious Gemini, but this month will feel the need to reflect on their place in the community or in their circle of friends. It will be a moment of reflection that will open a new stage in your life.

With its conductor, Mercury, in retrograde motion for most of the month, it is important to be alert to communication failures and possible disagreements. Of course, it is also possible for the Zodiac messenger to invite reconnecting with someone from the past (after all, he is walking back, seen from the earth) and this is wonderful if it is what the heart dictates. Live the moment and thank all the connections and opportunities of your life. Even though Mercury preaches you some match, the Gemini always have the last word!

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In April continues cosmic dance, and it is likely to feel caught in this whirlwind of emotions. The solar eclipse of day 8 can also bring some important revelation, so get ready, dear crab.

If you feel a little discouraged at the beginning of the month, exercise self -esteem and demand the recognition it deserves. Your characteristic shyness is able to cause you some obstacles, but manifest!

The career is highlighted this month, and this is the ideal cosmic moment to define its route and remove any impediments that may be hanging their progress. The full moon will shine in scorpion, and this will illuminate its passions, encouraging it to connect with what makes your heart smile. Trust, dear crab, and start shining!

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Ah dear Leão, April is a powerful month, where you will be able to shine even more than usual. This is, of course, if you know how to take advantage of the opportunities and browse the favorable tides. This is not the time to retract! Explore, and expand its horizons.

The sun will be in Carneiro at the beginning of the month, and will move to Taurus illuminating the most public part of his map, focusing on career. It is the time to realize and reap the fruits of what sown. In particular closer to the end of the month, when a meeting between Jupiter and Uranus, it can create an unexpected (and profitable!) In your career. It's time to show your most vibrant and majestic side, dear Lion, because the world is your stage and the spotlight are pointed to you

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April is an intense month, and in your case, dear Virginian, this energy will be very sharp. April invites her to get all the skeletons out of the closet and to solve all pending issues, starting with those who have to solve inside. Virgins are naturally at the service of others, but this is the time to accept their vulnerability and be comprehensive with themselves.

Take advantage of Mercury's retrograde movement to embrace your most introspective side and revise the past. Always calmly and serenity. Remember that whenever when a door closes a window opens. What chapter needs to be closed to start something new in your life?

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In April the relationships are in focus, dear balance. And that for you, which does not live without "the other" is simply wonderful. The time has come to test and strengthen all kinds of ties and the eclipse of day 8, on the Carneiro-Balança axis is an invitation to do it. Between individuality and commitment, where do we stay? Without abdicating your diplomacy, be sure to say what you feel, become a little more assertive, set the boundaries and redefine your relationships.

The highlight, undoubtedly, is the traffic of Venus, its regent planet, in the sign of ram for most of the month. This brings a super positive vibration your relationships, the playful side will also be accentuated and there will be a lot of harmony in the air. Enjoy!

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Dear Scorpio, what a magnetic month! This is because in April, the full moon will fall right into its sign. Full moons are moments of fullness and conclusion of cycles: Take the opportunity to free some junk or tension you have with you (even if it means looking at your dark side, but this is easy for a scorpion).

The passage of Mars, one of his rulers, by the sign of Pisces, will arouse his creativity, and also create some opportunity in the love sector, especially for those who are alone. Grab the moment and start shaping your dreams! 

Product of the Year: April is an amazing month to develop your most creative side, and until you begin to materialize your boldest dreams. Reveal your solar side with the ISun Body Luminator.



Sagittarius, April is a perfect month to unleash your social pet and reveal all your optimism and spontaneity. His adventurous spirit is incredibly attractive, but is not overwhelmed too much. Also be aware of the old friends who reappear (retrograde mercury, Hello), not everything that shines is gold! And Sagittarians are too much oriented to the future to be fooled by nostalgia access.

This month is really ideal for resuming the rhythm and feeling again what makes her vibrate and makes her really happy. Jupiter's approach to the uranum will make her look a lot. After seeing things from a new perspective, a new world of possibilities opens. This is your opportunity, to start the game!

Product of the month: The meeting of your conductor, Jupiter, with the rebel Uranus will focus on your work-life balance. Perhaps it is time to make a small revolution in your life and why not start by removing everything that is stagnant on your skin with a detox massage with ours Body brush?


True, Capricorn are probably the most ambitious of the zodiac, but this month the stars point in a slightly different direction. It is its most intimate sphere - the family, its roots, its home - to be focused rather than its career. It is your opportunity to take a break, take care of your more personal universe and reconnect with what really matters to you.

But calm down, you don't have to drop all responsibilities as if there was no tomorrow. Deep down, it's just Saturn, which happens to be your conductor planet, to take a vacation in the Pisces sign, where everything is much more diluted. It may be time to balance work and well-being and personal care. Also in your home, some setbacks may arise to demand your attention. Both literally and metaphorically. A clogged pipe, or a family issue, what matters is to look for balance and renounce a little of your need for control. Try to flow, and see how everything is resolved harmoniously!

Product of the Month: The family will be focused this April and meetings with their closest beings can bring some surprises. To keep the right mood, try our WSuper woman.



Dear Aquarian, in April vibes are very mental and even intellectuals, which is amazing for an air sign like yours, tendering to intellect everything, even emotions. But there is a lot of fun waiting, too. Your mind will be particularly awakened, alert and live and this is an excellent time to exercise it, or to feed it with a good book or an exciting conversation.

In a month when communication is in focus, also remember to relax a little in this field. This is because retrograde mercury can cause some communication problems, so be careful and respect your efforts and the limits of others.

The great moment of the month is the conjunction - very rare - between Jupiter and Uranus. This meeting takes place in the Taurus sign, but for itself it is especially relevant, because Uranus, the most electrifying planet of the zodiac, is its conductor. For Aquarians, this is time to reconnect to their roots, their deepest identity, increase their emotional stability and take care of their well-being.

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The finances are focused this month, dear Pisces, and retrograde Mercury, accentuates this energy, inviting her to reassess how he is making money and managing what he earns.

Beyond the material world, April, it is perfect for that spring cleaning around you (unlocked, unraveling) but also within you.

The day 8 eclipse brings new beginnings (perhaps a little drasticly to a sensitive sign like yours, but it has to be), and the idea is to trust and see what the universe reserves it. It is very important to align with your purpose and be receptive!

Jupiter's meeting with Uranus will give a new breath, perhaps unexpected, in the area of ​​knowledge, learning and even travel. Don't be afraid and leave the adventure. Who knows what may be reserved for you?

Product of the month: April brings travel opportunities, contacts with the foreigner, and everything that means expanding their horizons. To give your skin everything you need, take the Best skin cream.