How to survive retrograde mercury

15 tips to survive this cycle

Astrology adept or not, it is likely that you have heard of Retrograde Mercury. If you have doubts about what you are or have never heard of all, it's a good time to better understand this important moment for the flow of our lives.

After all, what is retrograde Mercury? According to astrology, an ancestral practice that seeks to understand the world and people through the observation of the stars, It is the name given to the effect of when Mercury begins to "walk back". However, This retrograde movement is just an illusion created by the way the earth interacts with the orbits of the other planets. It happens three times a year, and the Next date is from April 1st to April 24. 

They are believed to be agitated moments, associated with confusion and delays, but also periods when Our intuition is on the rise, full of coincidences Extraordinary. Are great moments also to reflect in the past.  

What to do when Mercury is retrograde?

Mercury is the planet that governs communication, travel, contracts, means of transport, among other things within this spectrum. That's why, In these periods the ideal is to remain flexible and cautious. Read and reread important emails, confirm reservations, do not mark appointments on top of each other. Get ready to deal with more annoying and untimely people. The ideal is to wait for Mercury to return to the normal movement to make any definitive decision. 

But this is not just a time of bad things - far from it! It's a fantastic moment for retrospective, for analyze what is depositing the most energies And why and if it makes sense with your true needs and desires.  

I will leave you 15 tips that can help you in the retrograde mercury that is starting now - April 1st to April 24. I really hope it is a time full of calm and important reflections for you. 

1. Back up everything!

This is the number 1 rule! Make copies of document security, on outside discs or on online platforms - or both! Make sure you keep everything a million times. When Mercury is retrograde, our computers and phones are more failed to fail and suddenly, even important documents that were sure to have saved, disappear. 

2. Do not be affected by small things

Yes, there are very significant small things that deserve our attention, but this is not a time to make storms in a glass of water. Relax and accept the natural result of things, without letting go down for things that go less well. If you remain calm and safe from what you are doing - and with the necessary backups! -Believe me that everything will go well.  

3. Do not sign any contract 

If you can, avoid signing contracts at this time. If possible, wait a week after the retrograde period. Of course, not everything can be postponed, and in such cases my advice is often reading the documents in question. 

4. Read and reread documents

I had told you to read several times, but it is really important to reinforce this idea! I am not just talking about contracts, but from works for delivery or important communications to someone. 

5. Ask a second opinion

If you really have to sign a contract and have read it and reread it several times, ask for a second (or third!) Opinion. Look for friends you trust or lawyers. Four eyes see better than two, especially during retrograde Mercury. 

6. Do not viage without plans 

This is not even the right time for poorly planned trips, as delays in flights or damage to car are common. If you have to travel, try to be organized and do not mark trips too close to important commitments to prevent them from being harmed by delays.

7. Let yourself go

In addition to retrograde mercury, it will also be eclipse height. It's a cosmic reminder to slow, relax and get carried away… even when disasters happen! Yes, they will happen, it is normal at this time and, instead of martyrifying, think about how you can work to improve the situation. Patience and understanding of yourself are even more important at these times when you should not go into stress. 

8. Get ready for the unexpected

If it is mentalized that retrograde Mercury brings with it less predictable events, it will be halfway through not to be too affected. It doesn't have to be necessarily bad, just something more unusual. Be prepared and do not walk against the cosmos. 

9. Slowly and well

It is the motto for this period. Take a deep breath and slow down your pace of life. During retrograde mercury, I love to join the mixture Calm To my drinks, to ensure that I can reduce stress and anxiety levels and rest well. It is essential to feel good and make good decisions.

10. Breathe

In addition to breathing unconsciously, try to breathe consciously. Stop and take a deep breath, inspiring and expiring long. When you feel more anxious or tense, try this breathing exercise: inspire counting up to two and exhale counting up to four. Repeat until you feel calmer. This is valid for every day of your life, of course! Breathe help us calm. 

11. Make a detox

If there are heights where you should bet on cleaning your body, this is one of them! We must break free from all that is toxic: food, habits, people, objects - all! It was precisely to think of moments like this that I created the new Detox Kit- Reset 7 Days. Of course food is the base of the plan, because it all starts inside with what we eat, but it is a very complete kit in which it supports it to a total body and mind detox safely. 

12. Get rid of everything you don't need

It comes following the previous point and is the things that you know the most, especially during retrograde Mercury. Try getting up early one day and starting to put aside everything you no longer wear: clothes, toys of your children, decoration objects, books… There are so many things that occupy unnecessary physical and mental space and disturb us the well-being . This is a perfect time to rethink all this!

13. Expect to find people from the past

Retrograde Mercury has the power to make us find or have news of people who have already been part of our lives. Therefore, be prepared for these meetings with schoolmates who have not seen a lot of time or some ex relationship. Reviewing these people is a kind of cosmic lesson, as if to wonder if you are at peace with the fact that you have them away from you. 

14. Don't be negative

Cosmically, this is already a troubled period, so no longer complicate things. Think positively and make your mind on an ally. It is an unstable period, but it will make it much stronger.

15. Relaxe

When everything around us seems out of control, the best you can do is relax. Take a bath, meditate, drink a Calm Before bed, read, watch a movie… what gives you the most pleasure and brings you calm. It will be all right - I promise you!