Our anti-snack routine

Goodbye, swelling!

It may be early in the morning, when we wake up, at those times of the month when hormones change our turns and we tend to retain more liquids, or even a peak of stress and tiredness, but the truth is that the feeling of swelling pursues many women causing discomfort and stirring our self -esteem.

Swelling - either on the face, around the eyes, or in the abdominal zone - can have many causes, such as food, excess alcohol, lack of hydration, hormonal changes, stress and even hours of sleep, but the part Good is that whatever the reason we feel swollen, there is a solution! You need to go to the causes of the problem and act, whether changing habits that do not help or collaborating with our body, completely naturally, supporting metabolism and helping to eliminate toxins that are clearly the most!

Good habits

It is super important to be aware of our body and the signs that you send us. If we wake up with a swollen face when we sleep badly, it is obvious that we need to rest more. If this happens after a night when we drink alcohol, we may want to reduce your consumption. If we feel abdominal discomfort after eating legumes, such as beans, or cruciferous vegetables, such as broccles, we may want to choose the days when we eat them, to focus more on nutritional benefits, and less in the feeling of swollen balloon in the belly.

In all circumstances, it is always good to pay attention to the amount of salt we eat, because it naturally causes retention of swelling fluids, but also reducing sugar (inflammatory factor) and drinking a lot of water!.

All this without underestimating the power of plants and beauty tools! Combining the benefits of botanical assets present in plants and the action of tools such as facial brush and Gua Sha, will be able to attack the problem facing, and say goodbye to the uncomfortable feeling of swelling. We explain everything to you.

Nutra your light side

Its anti-cinch routine begins inside, and this, of course, is noted on the outside. For this, we recommend starting your day by giving a detoxifying boost to your body, our wonderful Detox drops (4 pipettes in a glass of water, fasting to increase the detox effect, and is already) or, if you prefer, our Super detox capsules,

Apart from the best party of medicinal plants, we have developed these two products to help combat abdominal swelling, and to clean from the inside out, stimulating the liberation of toxins accumulated in the body and boosting metabolism.

Ours Detox drops They are formulated based on chlorophyll, perfect to help with good liver functioning and intestinal flora, essential for easier digestive processes.

Ours Super detox capsules They are a bioavailable formula based on medicinal plants that stimulate digestion and liberation of toxins accumulated in the body. Take 2 capsules daily, with or without food, to boost metabolism and reduce abdominal swelling.

Apart from these beauty essentials that help her reduce swelling from the inside out, if she feels like doing a detox as effectively and delicious, why not try this anti-channean beaten, with raspberry, banana, and ginger, to be Feel lighter and lose volume?

Under the skin

Change begins inside, of course, but we can also reduce swelling massage the most problematic areas with beauty tools that have been used for centuries in traditional medicine, with excellent results.

As we do with the body, the skin of the face can also be activated with a special tool, in this case the Facial brushdesigned to make a soft detox, brushing the skin of the face dry, stimulating the lymphatic system and activating toxins release and cell regeneration. This method is wonderful to reduce the swelling because it will reenergize the skin, leaving it exfoliated and clean, enhancing its elasticity, firmness and shine. To refresh and revitalize your skin, we recommend that you use the brush early in the morning passing it gently through your face, but with some firmness, two to three times a week.

Another very simple and amazing way to reduce the swelling on the face is to have a massage with Water - In any of the crystals each with its properties Amethyst, in Jade, in White quartz or of Pink quartz. If using this modeling tool the right way (repeating movements between 5 and 10 times always from the bottom up and starting from the center of the face to the hair growth line) and if you do it consistently, we promise you will notice the difference . Find out how to use gua shame here And start reducing the swelling, activating the blood circulation, releasing the lymphatic flow and feeling much more luminous and confident.