Get ready for spring

A complete reset

And suddenly it's already spring! After the harshness of the winter months, this is undoubtedly the most anticipated season of the year and is almost coming, when everything that was dormant and stopped is reborn and begins a new cycle, full beauty. If so in nature, why is there no equal to our body?

Let's take the time of new beginnings to make a very healthy and spring reset that will make us full of energy and well-being, and ready to enjoy the longer days, all the light and the heat of the sun, and motivation renewed in the best way.

Beauty Routine for Spring

A new routine

For the skin of the face spring invites to adopt new routines and our range Best skin, a curated line that we developed to think about the 5 essential steps to transform your skin can be the answer. Adapted to all skin types, this range is ideal for those who want to take care of their skin without major complications and the power of the best ingredients. Especially at this time of year, when the skin tends to get drier in some zones asking for an extra care super care. So we created this range Super targeted and effective to use every morning and at night with carefully selected botanical actives. There are 5 products: Nutritional Cleaning Oil, BOOST HYDRATION ESSENCE, Serum Eyes, Refirming Serum and Cream. Following these steps, beyond the moment of pleasure that is taking care of your skin will feel an incredible difference, with the more energized, hydrated, firm and luminous skin, in tune with spring. We explain how it is done:



Step 1: Clean the skin

To wake up and clean the skin, start by applying the Cleaning oil Multivitamin that eliminates the accumulation of dirt and dead cells and dissolves makeup without damaging the skin, leaving it soft, nourished and firm. Apply cleaning oil directly to the dry skin and massaje delicately all over your face and neck. Clean with the facial towel soaked in cold or warm water. If you have makeup, gently pass the oil in specific areas like the eyes and the lips.

Step 2: Prepare the skin

The next step is to prepare the skin to receive the botanical active from the following products. A BEST SKIN ESSENCE It is perfect for this, with a delicate aroma to white roses, to spray in the face right after cleaning. It can be used during the day whenever you feel like a hydration boost, including makeup.

Step 3: Eye Serum

Then we apply the Serum Eyes which is the basis of the Sérns and should therefore be applied before the facial serum. Very nutritious, with a lifting effect and anti wrinkles this is a multicorectional eye serum that illuminates, softens, reduces pads, dark circles and straightens the eyelids. It can also pass in more sensitive areas such as the contour of the lips to alleviate the expression wrinkles.

Step 4: Facial Serum

Now we apply the BEST SKIN REFIRMANT SERUM, ultra -centered, with vitamin C and 11 more botanical actives selected to reduce the appearance of early wrinkles and thin lines and make the skin more rejuvenated, firm and healthy.

Step 5: Anti-Aging Moisturizing Cream

And the final step is rich anti -aging cream for intensive and rejuvenating hydration, which acts to combat skin aging signals, correcting wrinkles and reaffirming skin texture.

And remember, if you have the skin tendering to blemishes and hyperpigmentation, the ideal is to complement with our radiant cream, specially developed to standardize the skin.

Beauty Routine for Spring

From head to toe

With the arrival of spring, the first days of the beach and the much desired dives arrive. To step on the sand full of confidence, without feeling “transparent” in your bikini or bath fact, try the Balm Puro Sol, one of our bestsellers, which leaves the skin hydrated and luminous, firmer and elastic, or the body illuminators Sea It is Sun Perfect to restore shine those more erased skins, and even give a little touch of color and beach glow even before the first trips to the beach, in the case of Sun.

Preparation for the beach also includes hair removal, and for this we recommend our Hair Removal Kit, which includes the oil Soft special for hair removal and a reusable copper to uniform and effective hair removal.

Without forgetting our feet, of course, we want to always be beautiful and impeccable, on the beach or inside the sandals that soon return to our daily lives. O Feet kit It is ideal for removing dead skin and calluses gently while moisturizing, all in the comfort of your own bathroom.

Beauty Routine for Spring

Nutra The Good Energy

True beauty nourishes from the inside out and if it hasn't started to feed this great truth, do it now. Spring is the ideal time to sow good habits and Super Woman Capsules They are a natural supplement to the base medicinal plants and adaptogenous that will give you that support you need to feel super good and in balance. They are especially formulated to support female well-being both hormonal and emotional. Take two capsules a day every morning and see how this simple routine It starts to change your life.

Spring's softest and sunest days ask for beaten and beyond delicious these refreshing drinks are a great way to take care of our body from the inside, with visible results on the outside. Try the power of our adaptogenic proteinsformulated with natural ingredients and 100% vegetables and add them to your favorite drinks or beaten. If you are looking for inspiration, find out these amazing beaten recipes to further brighten your spring: see here and here.

To always be hydrated, with water, your favorite infusion or even one of the beaters, do not forget your thermos, that goes everywhere, Plastic-free, with a beautiful and colorful vibe.

Beauty Routine for Spring

Detox and Drainage

And finally, the public enemy of so many women: cellulite! If you haven't attacked the problem this is the right time to do so. Our Firm kit It is perfect for making that powerful lymphatic drainage you need, with the help of the BODY SHA. In addition to this amazing tool, this kit includes our adelgatage oil Firm. Together they will transform your skin, stimulating lymphatic flow, facilitating muscle liberation and softening orange peel skin. Another super effective option for sculpting and adelgating, is the Revitalizes Body Kit, composed of Body Oil Revitalizes and the mushroom gua shamefor a draining massage that stimulates the muscles, relieves the tension and tone. A wonderful body lifting!

However, peek this post To know everything you need to say goodbye to cellulite. To help the body eliminate everything that is in excess there is no better time than spring (for some reason is the time when we spring cleaning at home we undo the junk and let the air come in). To boost the process and free your unnecessary "junk" body try our Detox drops, based on chlorophyll, to help with the body's cleaning mechanisms, or the Detox capsules. And say live the spring!