From the inside out with Juliana Bezerra

Juliana Bezerra is an artist with a job that she captivates from the first moment. It has beautiful, super delicate and elegant jewelery pieces. And not only! Ju is a sympathy, which makes what it makes even more beautiful, conveying good energy to those who are out.



Sign Capricorn

Seasons Summer

A Collor Currently, blue

A book The Artist's Way, Julia Cameron

Film LA DANSEUSE. Perseverance and dedication to your art is admirable.

A song Dog Days Are Over”- Florence and the Machine

A podcast Carona in the career

An object vessel

Favorite place in the world There are so many ... But my trip to Mexico was memorable. I want to go back!


Who and what inspires you? Nature and art are my greatest sources of inspiration.

What do you still need to create?  So many things are missing. I would love to create some decoration objects (mini - vases and mirrors)

How to maintain creativity Creativity Aviation is a daily process of research, study and observation of everything around me. Travels are undoubtedly a great source of inspiration.


First thing to do when you wake up I take one cup of coffee.

How to relax at the end of the day Playing with my puppy, going out for dinner and having a good wine.

A place to turn off A quiet beach

Preferred physical exercise Walk

How to discharge stress? A lunch with friends here at home.

A woman who inspires you I can't select just one. There are several for different reasons.


Your ideal diet is… A Mediterranean Diet

What do you always have in the fridge Tapioca mass

Sauce Curry

Favorite drink Red wine

Preferred snack Healthy cookies

Preferred restaurant Bougain

Preferred kitchen book Mafalda's recipes


Beauty icon  Jane Birkin

An essential piece of clothing Dress

What is not lacking in your beauty routine  Moisturizer 

Product MPL'beauty favorite The exfoliator Stimulate

How do you feel more beautiful? Tanned and tanned