Get ready for the arrival of spring

PRIMAVERA our favorite season is almost here and with it comes hope, renewal and more warmth of course.

Around here we like to do a good energetic cleaning, and not only that, to the house, closet and obviously the body.  


Cleaning, from the inside out

The shorter, colder, and lazier days can lead to a certain accumulation of toxins, namely a slower digestive system. Spring is the ideal time to take a cleanse. rest from inside outward to our system. I advise you to try SUPER DETOX KIT - consisting of Detox Drops + Super Detox Capsules. This kit supports the body's natural cleansing mechanisms and thus has everything you need to start your internal "spring cleaning". 

  • Take the detox dropsfirst thing in the morning (and during the day if you like) and 2 capsules super detox capsules before meals. These two products will help to stimulate the release accumulated toxins from your body,  for healthier skin, more effective digestion, better body odor, and a feeling of greater energy and less fatigue.



Renew your skin


If we renew our closet every season, why not do the same with our skin care? Spring is the time to treat your feetSpring is the time to take care of your feet, moisturize your body more intensely, and prepare your hair for sunnier days.

Start taking better care of your feet that will soon (I promise) walk in sandals or barefoot on the beach ... use the Foot Kitto gently remove dead skin and calluses while moisturizing, all in the comfort of your own bathroom.

For the body it's time to brush dry brushing, exfoliate with coffee and moisturize properly. All these processes will not only remove dead skin but also moisturize deeply turning your winter skin into a soft and smooth skin ready to receive the summer sun. It will also help diminish cellulite and erase stretch marks, you can read all about how to diminish cellulite at home here.


Say goodbye to negative feelings


The time has come to spring clean so getting 100% into the new season is not only about preparing your body and skin, but also your mind.

Who doesn't want to feel their life and home more energetically clean? To let in the new positive energies that spring brings?

Around here we use Pau Santo to cleanse and unblock the mind and the spaces of negative energy, you can read how to use it correctly here

Some people prefer the White Salvia which opens the way to new seasons with positivity and protection and is used much the same way as the pau santo.


Balance the body through food


First you can take a look at at this recipe. I guarantee you will love it and it will help a lot to balance the system giving you a boost nutrient boost.

Eating fresh seasonal food is one of the best ways to nourish your body, giving it exactly what it needs, and respecting its natural rhythm. This spring, try to balance your body with leaves greensspinach, kale, and cabbage, which are especially nutritious and rich in chlorophyll, seasonal vegetablessuch as turnips, radishes, and asparagus, lean proteinssuch as beans, eggs, lean meat trustcereals cereals and fresh herbs rich in minerals such as coriander and basil. 



Recharge your energy


Although you love wearing sweaters and drinking infusions the truth is that the shorter, darker days of winter, the lack of sunlight on the body, can leave us feeling down. 

Now that spring is almost here, let's take advantage of the energy it brings to come up with a routine that supports us better. One that leaves us more energized and in a good mood. Around here we are fans of Super Mulhe capsulesr capsules that bring us first thing in the morning a dose of bioavailable medicinal plants to help relieve stress, anxiety  and fatigue. You can read more about how to take them, why they work and their benefits here .