Conventional Toothpaste: If we cannot swallow, can we trust?

Is it through the mouth that so much begins in our body, from the food we eat, to the water we drink, to the air we breathe, the way we communicate, and yet, will we be paying due attention? We often seem to forget that our gums and teeth are living tissues, highly absorbent, with direct connection to our blood vessels, so our whole body.

To a greater or lesser extent, we are all aware and careful with what we eat and the substances to which we expose our body. So why we constantly neglect our mouth, if it's the most obvious gateway to each cell of our body? In children, we learn to brush our teeth twice a day, but we seem to jump the part of the warnings to ingestion. But after all, what are conventional toothpastes so bad? And how can we avoid it?

Natural toothpaste for a chemical -free mouth

Healthy mouths, even

Basically this is this: If we can't swallow, how can we trust? It is a contrast to think that we may have healthy mouths and teeth at the expense of toxic chemicals and ingredients. But unfortunately this is what happens: Toothpastes and conventional oral elixions contain various chemicals that can pose a danger to health and that interfere with the natural oral microbiome (an ecosystem of microorganisms that inhabit the cavity of the mouth and support health maintenance) unbalanced it .

Because they are full of synthetic ingredients most toothpastes and mouthpieces are light years old from what we consider to be suitable for cleaning the body's delicate fabrics or protecting oral health. Does anyone imagine using an industrial detergent to bathe? Of course. But conventional toothpastes are the equivalent in the universe of oral hygiene.

Even though they are refreshing and full of foam, toothpastes with synthetic ingredients are much harmful than they seem. And washing your teeth repeatedly with this type of products can be really harmful to health, as the Chemicals (and toxic) they contain are rapidly absorbed by oral mucosa, circulating throughout the body, with an impact on epletal cells, hormonal health, and digestive system.

In the mouth, the absorption level is very high, so we have to be more attention. Fortunately, we do not swallow toothpaste to the spoonfuls, but contact occurs in it, so it is important to be aware of ingredients that can be harmful if ingested. Here are some examples of ingredients that we do not want to circulate through our body, but are present in conventional toothpastes. We share it not to create alarm, but to be informed and make the best decisions:

  1. Fluoride: Many conventional teeth pastes contain this substance known as the caries arch-lint. However, several scientific studies question their effectiveness, and highlight their toxicity. Fluoride accumulates in the body (namely in the pineal gland), damages the gums, disturbs collagen production and reduces enzyme activity.

  2. Sacarin and other artificial sweeteners, which are added to toothpastes to improve taste, are actually chemicals that can cause digestive problems and abdominal pain.

  3. It is very common to find in conventional toothpastes ingredients such as trissodic phosfasta (used for many years in detergents until banned), ethanol, carbone (a polymer, byproduct of gasoline), detergents and sulfactants, dyes and artificial aromas, among many others substances that may have health risks.

‌‌Natural toothpaste for a chemical -free mouth

Natural oral hygiene

In short, conventional toothpastes, with chemical and artificial ingredients, are great for creating the illusion that we have impeccably clean teeth and the freshest breath in the world. But not quite. The main work to remove the plate is even done by toothbrush movements. Natural ingredients, such as sodium bicarbonate and botanical elements such as mint (true) and cardamom, which we can swallow with all safety, are wonderful to clean the enamel without damaging it, neutralizing the pH of the mouth, slows the formation of plate and benefit digestion (which starts in the mouth) thanks to its antibacterial and antifungal properties.

Our Toothpaste cardamom, formulated with 100% natural ingredients such as white clay (to remineralize teeth), salt (to balance the pH of the mouth) and essential oils of mint and cardamom (for a healthy microbiome, keeping the breath fresh) is the most natural way to keep teeth and gums healthy, without chemicals. Equally refreshing and safe, our ELIXIR WHITE Cleans the toxins of your mouth, keep your teeth white, fresh breath and healthy gums. With fresh mint aroma, this elixir is ideal for doing “oil pulling” here), an ancestral practice of Ayurvedic medicine, which consists of oral cleaning with oils. Another essential Ayurveda that can not be missed for a healthy and beautiful mouth is the tongue scraper copper. It is simply the most natural and perfect way of starting your oral hygiene every morning, removing accumulated bacteria during sleep and literally awakening gastric enzymes for another day of digestive work.