A self-care ritual for the full moon

The first full moon of the year is there, and illuminates the lion constellation, linked to expression, creativity and fertility. The night of January 25 (and every night of full moon, in fact) it is perfect to look at the sky, let themselves flood for its beauty, and close cycles, mark culminations or large turning points. This is the meaning of the full moon: something is complete to give way to something new. It is time, therefore, to reap what we sow, and let a new cycle start.

Because the moon will shine in all its splendor in Leo, a loving and fiery sign by nature, this is the time to pay attention to what falls in love, listening to your heart and following it. Basically, the question is: what makes your soul shine? And believe it.

A self-care ritual for the full moon

In tune with the moon, in seven steps

When the moon is full, it is time to celebrate. It can be anything: a relationship, a success at work, the motivation to take care of yourself. But this day deserves to be marked on the calendar because it is really perfect to thank, celebrate the wonders of life, and of course, take care of yourself with a self-care ritual that will make it shine from the inside out, and in tune with the Moon.

Take advantage of the energy of this phase of the moon to carry batteries, take care of yourself and manifest your deepest dreams. See the ritual we have prepared to navigate this full moon and let it flood for its beauty and magnetism.

You will need:

  • A candle
  • A small box
  • Flower petals
  • A small sheet of paper
  • A pen
  • Jasmine cleaning oil 
  • Honey and Luminous Acai Mask 
  • Illuminates facial serum

A self-care ritual for the full moon

1. Dress a superconfort outfit, or if you prefer, get naked.

2. Light your candle to start the ritual. If you don't know yet, you can try sea ​​candle, with notes of passion fruit and coconut.

3. Clean your face with our jasmine cleaning oilthat tones and balances the skin in deep and smooth cleaning. For an even more delicious effect, pass the 100% cotton towel moist in hot water, massaging the face delicately.

This cleaning oil helps to decrease excess oils, removes dead cells and restores the pH of the skin, leaving it clean, hydrated and healthy.

4. After cleaning the skin, apply the Luminous mask, with honey and acai. Formulated with natural ingredients with antioxidant and moisturizing power, exfoliating with delicacy, while nourishes the skin in depth, restoring elasticity and luminosity.

A self-care ritual for the full moon

5. The time has come of intention. While letting the mask make its effect (for 10 minutes, before removing with warm water), put your hand over your heart and root in the present moment. Repeat to you: "I'm here," and "I'm listening." Let your desire or intention manifest in your mind. Write this intention on the piece of paper and draw any symbols on paper that have special meaning.

6. Fold the paper in three, turned to you, and kiss the paper to seal your intention. Store it in the box and on top, pour some petals. Put the box and candle lit in a prominent place, like an altar. Honor this place and spread some petals around the candle and box.

7. Remove the mask and finish your full moon ritual with the prodigious Illuminates: Facial Serum. Light, silky and easy to absorb, contains figure oil from India, rich in vitamin E and antioxidants, algae extract for a vitamin boost for the skin, and argue oil for deep hydration. Put two or three drops on the skin and massage the face, always in rising movements, or with the help of the dermaroller. Let the candle burn until the end, at least an hour.

After this wonderful ritual, you will feel in harmony, with you and with the world around you. Embrace the good things in life and let a new cycle start, inspired by the full moon, with a new shine!