1, 2, 3, reset!

Detox after Easter? YES!

When a new year begins or a new season of the year, it is very common to do a detox To our body, to enter the “right foot”-with more energy, focus and good disclaimer. But it is not only in these moments that our body (and, consequently, our mind) benefit from a reset. Also after the parties, when we met at the table with our families to enjoy the best dishes and sweets, it is important to clean the body from the inside out. 

After celebrating Easter, It is possible that many of us feel more swollen or even with that heavy stomach feeling. But nothing theme: In this article we will share with it the step by step you need to support the body in your natural process of liberation of toxins and detoxification, so you feel lighter, fresh and energized in this post-pussy!  

1. Brush the dry skin

In the morning, and before jumping to the shower, start by brushing your skin dry with the Body brush, cable. This tool It offers a wonderful detox ritual, stimulating the lymphatic system and circulation, and boosting the natural process of toxin liberation. In addition, it is also ideal for exfoliating the skin, making it much softer and more toned. 

Super detox kit: Includes Detox drops + Super detox capsules


2. Support a natural cleaning from the inside out 

No detox is complete without the help of these two magical products - our Detox drops and ours Super detox capsules, available at Practical Super detox kit. Based on medicinal plants that stimulate digestion and liberation of toxins accumulated in the body, Super detox capsules They are an essential supplement to stimulate your metabolism and reduce abdominal swelling. Already the Detox drops, based on chlorophyll, support the intestinal flora, the immune system, liver functioning and more effective digestion. 

When used together, to the Super detox capsules and the Detox drops help to stimulate digestion and liberation of toxins accumulated in the body, at the same time as drive metabolism and reduce abdominal swelling, so that it feels lighter and more energy! Just take 2 capsules daily, with or without food, and mix 4 pipettes full of drops in a glass of water, to drink when you wake up and more often during the day, whenever you need it. 

Super Tip MPL'beauty: Don't forget to keep the body hydrated all day! Take our Thermos I can every side, for perfect moisturizing on the go. 

3. Finish the day with a cup of chords, Spirulina and Figo herb 

Whenever we feel with that full belly feeling, we like to drink a cup our Detoxto boost the body's natural cleaning during sleep. In addition to supporting a natural detox, from the inside out, this soluble mixture of medicinal plants, overlooking and adaptogeneous Calms inflammation and stimulates the body to clean the toxins, while reducing the abdominal swelling. 

These benefits are all thanks to the three star ingredients of the detox mixture: the Cardo Marine, which improves liver function and increases antioxidants such as glutathione, a detoxifying agent; The Spirulin, which alkalizes the body while driving the functioning of the liver, essential in the detox process; and the Fighter, a rich source of chlorophyll, essential to help remove blood toxins and impurities. 

Just mix 1 teaspoon in your favorite drinks and enjoy! 


Extra Tip! 

We created a Detox Reset Kit 7 Days Even for these heights! It's something new but believe me you'll like it.

The kit includes:

1 x 250gr reset instant lunch

7 sachets x 30gr Super detox protein

7 Sachets x 15gr Super Powder Detox

Detox Manual* - 23 pages

1 x Body Brush

1 x Pau Santo