Natural Lifting? Yes please

Who doesn't dream of firmer, bright, elastic and soft skin? We all want - and most importantly, we all deserve - a sculpted and toned face, and that can actually be much easier than it seems!

With the right tools, the right products, a little (super simple) technique and a lot of consistency, we can make a natural and super safe lift to our skin, using only massage, and what nature gives us, with zero artificial ingredients , without resorting to invasive methods and without side effects.

In this post, we tell you everything you need to know about natural lifting, with three beauty routines, associated with specific tools, designed to model and accentuate the skin contours of the face naturally and without risk: Super lifting massageer, EYES KIT WITH WAR MUSHES SHA It is CUPPING KIT. Choose the best option for yourself and start shining!

Super lifting massageer

For the most technological, but not only, our Super lifting massageer It is the solution. Thanks to its vibrating technology - the massager works on batteries, and can be on on and off mode - this tool will produce subtle and continuous vibrations that will help stimulate collagen production and make the skin firmer and toned . Without effort!

That is, without leaving the house, and when we give us more way, we will have the equivalent of a professional facial massage. This tool will do a lot for your skin and change your life! With three removable heads, each with a specific function for Sculpt, define and relax and ergonomically adapted to a zone of the face.

How to use?

The first step is to clean the skin, and for this we recommend doing a cleaning as smooth as it is deep with your favorite oil and face towel. Apply some extra drops from be a on the face and neck to facilitate the passage of the massager on the skin.

Choose the head you want to use in the massageer and fit the DispOsympo, tangling until well fixed, only then should it turn on the device. You can change the massage head along the procedure so that you adapt to the face zone you want to stimulate.

What zones?

Each tool is especially adapted to a zone of the face: the pink quartz roll under the eyes and all over the face, always from the inside out and in ascending movements. The bar in particular in the neck area (avoiding the thyroid zone), maxillary, forehead and around the lips and eyes. The contour head is perfect for the outline of the jaw, cheekbones, the nose junction and over the eyebrows.

Eyes Kit

If your eyes are in need of that lift, then the eyes kit, with a mushroom gua shame designed especially to work this more sensitive and delicate zone and the concentrated serum Effective, a rich and nutritious formula with blackberry oil, rose muskete, raspberry and a super easy application in roll on is all you need.

The skin around the Eyes (and lips, this kit is also great for this zone) It will thank this treatment to measure, being hydrated, protected and rejuvenated.

How to use?

Create your routine using the eyes kit every morning and then at night before you lie down. Start by passing the roll-on of the effective under each eye and in the corners of the lips, feeling its effect refreshing and soothing.

Then apply the mushroom gua shame - Place it in the fridge before use for greater feeling of freshness, ”press around his eyes and lips. These movements will relieve the tension of the muscles and activate circulation in these zones, helping to straighten wrinkles, reaffirm the contour of the eyes and lips and the mitigate the appearance of dark circles and swelling.


Originally in traditional Chinese medicine, Face Cupping is a fantastic ancestral technique, used to decongest, Detoxify and clean the skin, giving it more vitality, energy and elasticity.

It's an incredible way to lifting because it literally puts circulation in motion, contrary to stagnation and congestion in tissues. And of course, it's a great lymphatic drainage tool for your detox!

It works by slight suction in which glasses are slid down the face and neck, helping to disinhole, better define the outline of the face, enhance firmness, brightness and filling thin lines.


How to use?

O CUPPING KIT It consists of two glasses of silicone - adapted to different zones of the face - and the versatile and wonderful SERUM SCULPT Specifically developed to do this type of massage - perfect for preparing the skin for Cupping, helping the glasses do their work. Rich in antioxidants and fatty acids, it is a mixture of botanical assets that balance, soften and moisturize the skin, fill the thin lines and wrinkles and end pores.

Use the large cup on the larger zones of the face (cheeks, jaw and forehead) and neck and the small cup in the most delicate areas around the eyes and surrounding the lips. Feel the power of Cupping on the skin and see how it gains firmness and elasticity!