Feng Shui: Feel your home

I believe that the way we live our environment and the way we treat ourselves and people who are part of our lives dictate the life we ​​are creating for us.

We are in constant interaction / manifestation and the result of what we create (often without thinking) can be both magical and catastrophic. I wanted to tell you a little Feng Shui, a Chinese ancestral practice. They have certainly heard and maybe even apply their principles. 

What is Feng Shui?

Feng means wind and shui means water, Two elements associated with good health and good luck. It is based on the idea that the earth is a living element full of energy or Chi. In the background, translates into the art of organization of a space and how we position ourselves in it. Part of a broader view - where space is - for a more particular view - the organization of each division of the house, each object and, finally, itself and others that inhabit the space. It teaches you to achieve balance and harmony with each other and the spaces.


Bagua: the energy map

Bagua is an energy map that dictates the Feng Shui guidelines. Basically, he dictates links between different areas of a space with certain areas and experiences of life. There is a classic Bagua, which uses a compass to define the spaces of the house, and then there is this more modernized and easy to use. That "portinha" on the bottom/center of the map represents the entrance of a space. It should be governed by.

At the bottom, with this map, you can align your home with certain principles with the place of entry of a space, applying the same to each particular division. So see what you would like to change in your life. See where it is in your house. Look around and see what can change.

This simpler and more modern method of using the entrance door is incredibly effective and super easy to use. Feng Shui works macro aspects (the location of a land) and micro (our secretary, for example) and anything in the middle (a particular division). Always use input as a orientation point.


Feng Shui on a daily basis

Get home It is a crucial moment: you are depositing your energies in space. Therefore, make sure that you enter home full. What doesn't matter is out there. 

Your home must receive it, But you have to prepare the space for it: Is there a place to land the keys? The coats? And the shoes? (Of the most important things for me! Always leave the shoes to the entrance!). Anyway, all that we want to release when we want to enter truly in our house.

Arrange your home, pack your mind. And attention, it's not just tidying up - to make sure that there is no accumulated feature that prevents the good circulation of energies. Let yourself be with what really matters. 

Light and air, Two elements so important! It must have good natural light at home and take the biggest party of it. You should open the windows and let the air run in space and have plants all over the house (yes even in the bedroom! They help clean the air and sleep better).

Clean the energies, with Pau Santo or White sage. Fire and smoke are one of the most powerful elements in cleaning the energies. I like to use them in the morning, because they are focused on the energies I want to transmit and receive during my day, and at night, to clean my space of any negative energies with which it may have entered the home.

Relax, breathe and meditate, Especially on the days when you feel it is bringing too much negative charge home because of stress at work or because it has argued with someone. Purify house zones with Pau Santo or White sage; Turn off from the mobile phone and computer; Drink a Calm to help balance the nervous system; Meditate, even for 5 minutes, before falling asleep.