Infallible routine for super hair

We look at the skin of the face carefully, giving you all the care it deserves and adopting routines to keep it clean, hydrated and full of health, but do we do the same with the scalp?

We have received numerous messages you with doubt about taking care of the scalp, stimulating hair growth and stagnating the fall. It is never too much to remember that strong, luminous and healthy hair that makes us proud and happy is born literally on the healthy scalp. It is never too much to remember that the scalp ages six times faster than the skin of the face (that's it, read well!) So if we don't want brittle and weak hair you need to act. In this post we explain everything, with a very easy, pleasant and effective routine for super hair.

Infallible routine for super hair

A conjugation of factors

Like the skin, your hair is a reflection of your lifestyle. Several factors come into play in the health and beauty of hair, starting with your state thrills and stress. It is no coincidence that at a height of greater anxiety, tension or soon after a disease, our hair often resents, becoming smoother and lifeless, or accentuating the fall. Other factors, such as food, exercise and our balance in general also influence the health of our hair.

We cannot change anything in our health or beauty if we do not change our attitudes and behaviors. That's why the first step is to look at our life as a whole and see what we need to change. And then, focusing on the scalp and hair, realize that to have a stronger, filled, luminous and textured hair we need to combine an action from the inside out (feeding the follicles, the root of the hair, with the nutrients they need) with the application of the right products, and, super important, the appropriate beauty tools.

Five steps for beautiful hair

If your hair is fragile, brittle, dull and without texture, it is noted that the entrances are increasing or that hair loss is increasingly pronounced, follow this routine, consistently and confidently, and see how everything changes .

Infallible routine for super hair

‌1. Nutra the hair from the inside out

Every day, in the morning, start your routine nourishing your hair from the inside with our Super Hair Capsules. They are a mixture of medicinal plants, vitamins and minerals specifically formulated to help feed the hair follicle giving it everything you need. Take two capsules every day for 3 months and see the difference. It is a supplement without contraindications and with great results, even in case of postpartum hair loss.

2. Wash your hair more often

And truth. The myth that washing your hair every day weakens your hair is just that, a myth. In fact, washing your hair a lot of times (every day or day yes day no, at least) is very good to stimulate growth, because there is no longer a growing channels.

But of course, you need to use the right products, which do not get around your hair. Natural shampoos and softeners are ideal because they do not contain abrasive and toxic ingredients, capable of irritating the scalp, letting the hair smoothly or weaken it. We recommend making a double cleaning with our Super Hair Shampoo, suitable for all hair, and then pass the MPL'Beauty Conditioner Enriched with bergamot and orange flower oils at the bottom of the hair. Start the washing at the back of your neck, massaging the scalp, go through all your hair and rinse well. You can also wash your hair with your head facing down, to reach all the zones of your scalp more evenly and deeply.

Infallible routine for super hair

3. Discover the wonders of the jade comb

Every day, in the morning, use the Jade comb To do a daily massage that will help alleviate tension and activate the circulation of the scalp, stimulating collagen production. This comb with wide teeth is widely used in traditional Chinese medicine, such as the Water. This massage should be done on dry hair, starting on the neck and neck and then passing several times from the hair growth line to the neck in circular motions, always exerting a good pressure that feels. At the top of the head, beat the comb several times to activate the circulation. After doing this massage, your scalp will be more oxygenated and will allow each follicle to start breathing so that it starts to grow a new, bright and healthy hair. Do this massage every day, and after 9 days in a row you will start to feel the difference, with stronger, filled and luminous hair.

4. Try the dermaroller

This is a key tool for stimulating hair growth. O Dermaroller It is a roller with titanium microacles that through microperfraction will activate the scalp by stimulating the growth of navs hair.

The first thing to do when you receive your dermaroller is to disinfect it. Dermaroller's passage will not hurt, nor cause wounds, but they are still microacles that will penetrate your skin. So before the first use disinfecting it by soaking it in alcohol for 15 minutes, and clean with alcohol before and after each use.

To massage, pass the straight dermaroller opening the locks one by one, and then with zigzag movements, to create most of the microcannais, stimulate collagen production and activate scalp zones where there is the potential for a follicle to make a new hair be born.

Dermaroller can be used every other day, preferably at night. It should be used on clean, clean hair (ie we do not recommend that massaging a scalp that has not been washed for several days). So the ideal is to do dermaroller massage on the days when it washes your hair.

Very important: dermaroller They are very delicate and wear out with the uses, failing to effectively fulfill their function. Think of your dermaroller like a toothbrush and replace it frequently.

Infallible routine for super hair

5. Nutra your hair with a good serum

We have seen as mechanically, through jade or dermaroller massage we will activate circulation, stimulate collagen production and arouse “sleeping” follicles, helping to grow hair. But we can do more, going to the root of the problem, and giving follicles the nutrients they need. During massage or then, apply our Super Hair Serum, formulated with specific botanical ingredients to strengthen and hirating the hair.

The massage conjugated with the serum is critical: besides being super satisfactory and relaxing, and allows enhance the absorption of the serum botanical extracts by the hair follicles. The ideal, especially in the most oily hair, is to apply the serum at night and let it act, washing well the next day.