How to have tanned skin all year

Already smells of spring, the days are longer, the sun shines more strongly and little by little we will remove layers of clothes, releasing nightgown and coats, to reveal our skin, much lighter!

Until the sunbathing (it is almost, and we all miss it), but in fact at any time of the year, our body illuminators Sea It is Sun They make the skin beautiful and bright, full of shine, super smooth and hydrated. Ever experienced? Know everything and find out how to get a Summer Glow Wonderful and at the same time protect and take care of your skin.

How to have tanned skin all year

Light yourself!

Who doesn't like golden, gleaming skin, radiating beauty and health wherever it goes? It is obvious that we all love to be radiant and our body illuminators, formulated with strictly selected botanical ingredients, give your skin everything you need to shine with your own light.

Sea It is Sun It is the body oils that we created to give a natural and irresistible shine to the skin, and in common have mica, a natural light diffuser mineral, which gives a beautiful shine that favors any skin tone, from the clearest to the brunettes. The difference between the two? The sea gives only shine, while the sun adds a layer of color, it ends up acting as a natural tanning, giving slight color to the skin.

In addition to illuminating and giving a silky shine to their skin, these body oils wonders their skin, because they contain botanical actives that fight dehydration, aging, stretch marks, lack of elasticity and attenuate scars. They are rapidly absorbed by the skin, and make it brighter, firm and hydrated, literally open and close with eyes.

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Which one to choose?

These oils are 100% natural, sustainable and free of microplastics, and can be used on all skin types, even the most sensitive. They make wonders even for the crux skins, illuminating them throughout the year.

Both Sea like the Sun They can be applied right after the bath, like a moisturizer, spreading all over the body. Very important: shake well before using to ensure a balanced fusion of all components with your skin. You can use it every day and repeat in certain more exposed areas throughout the day to enhance the shine.

Let's see the differences:

Sea It is a body illuminator that gives an incredible shine and health to your skin. With passion fruit oil (rich in linoleic acid, to strengthen and protect the skin, with antioxidant properties and anti-aging), Baobab oil (to nourish the skin and revitalize aged cells) and Persian Lima (to moisturize and give elasticity to the skin)

Sun It will bring shine and also that tanned tone, subtle and so beautiful, to your skin. Its formula contains cold-extracted raspberry seeds to retain all its moisturizing, occlusive, anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. This oil will help straighten and soften the skin, reinforcing elasticity and flexibility. Another key ingredient is Yuzu's essential oil, widely used in the very effective Japanese natural cosmetics to revitalize dehydrated and dull skin with anti-aging action as well.

Now that you know these wonderful oils the hard to choose just one. In any case, you don't have to wait for the summer to let the sun kiss your skin. Get ready to shine now!