How many times should I wash my hair?

Of all the myths related to the health and beauty of hair, perhaps one of the most strongly rooted (not even on purpose!) Be the idea that washing your hair too often is bad. Nothing further from the truth. We must not forget that the scalp (where the hair is born) ages 6 times faster than the skin of the face, so it is necessary to give it all the attention, including keeping it clean and unimpeded from sediments that prevent the prevention good development of follicles.

From this principle, our advice is to wash hair without fear, using the right products (shampoo and softener at least), abundant water (don't be afraid to wet your hair well) and sometimes you want, at least day Yes, no, and if your hair asks you every day. We explain everything.

How many times should I wash my hair?

It all starts on the scalp

It is on the scalp that the health and beauty of our hair begins, and only because it should be almost sacred. Despite being covered with hair, have you thought about the amount of "aggressions" we subjected to it? The factors to which we are exposed daily, such as pollution and sweat, can lead to weakening the hair and causing unhealthy hair growth.

As a garden we take care of so that plants grow, we want our hair to be fertile ground so that new hair is born in follicles, creating the right conditions (namely in terms of moisture) when we wash our hair regularly, we are cleaning the Our scalp of sediments harmful to health, while moisturizing the hair enough for healthy growth. Washing will also remove dead cells from the skin that accumulate in the follicle, clogging it, so it is so important to keep the scalp clean, especially after we sweat a lot (following a workout, for example, when sweat Dry, pouring the "debris" on the scalp).

5 tips for washing your hair well

As important as the frequency with which you wash your hair, it's like a lava and what products choose to take care of. Here are some tips that make all the difference.

‌1. Wet the hair well

Have you noticed how they wet your hair well when you wash it in the hairdresser? Before you apply the shampoo, completely wet all your hair and scalp. You will see that then it is much easier to completely rinse the shampoo Until the end, avoiding the accumulation of waste that causes lack of shine.

‌2. Scrub

The time comes to apply the shampoo. Put a good amount of shampoo in your hands and dilute it with water before you apply it to your hair. An important tip: Have you tried washing your hair upside down? It is genius, and will allow rubbing and massaging the scalp in zones that normally does not reach. Start by the nape and apply the shampoo, advancing to the front, in circular motions to avoid tangled. Let the shampoo drain naturally, taking advantage of the strength of gravity to wash the rest.

As important as following these techniques is choosing the right products. We recommend our Bergamota and Laranjeira Flower Shampoo, formulated with 100% natural ingredients, which will make your hair clean, shiny, and an irresistible aroma. If the hair is weakened, or has a tendency to fall, then the best option is the Super Hair Shampoo, a revitalizing and moisturizing formula that deeply cleans the hair and calms more sensitive hairy leathers, stimulating healthy and strong growth.

3. Do the double washing

Experts also recommend doing a double wash, maybe not every time you wash your hair, but alternately. That is, repeat the water-shampoo-water process twice, for even deeper and more effective cleaning. If your hair is in need of a hydration, nutrient and energy boost, you can try to apply Super Hair Mask, a powerful formula, based on plants and natural oils, which we advise to apply at night before bed, removing the next day with washing-

4. Use the conditioner well

Apply the softener only where you need it (some people need all your hair, some just at the ends, some from the middle of the length to the ends), letting it act for a few minutes to actually be absorbed. Golden rule, absolutely essential: After application, rinse the hair well so that no shampoo or softener residue is in your hair.

Our Bergamot and Laranjeira Flower Conditioner It is the perfect complement to shampoo. Formulated with 100% natural ingredients, it leaves the hair cleared and silky, while moisturizing and nourishes the hair.

‌5. Pass Cold Water

Nothing better than cold water in abundance to finish the process. If you don't have the courage, at least it is warm. The too hot water is really harmful to hair as it will break and dry the hair, and even accentuate the bead. On the other hand, cold water helps close the cuticle, retaining more moisture and controlling the bead.