Horoscope August

Summer peak and no less than a lot of emotion in season of lion, with energy, creativity and confidence in highs. With two full moons and some planets in retrograde motion, there's a long time to say about this dear month of August. Get to know the important dates for this month and what you expect to your sign!

August 1 - Full Moon in Aquarius

August 16 - New Moon in Leão

August 23 to September 15 - Retrograde Mercury in Virgin

August 30 - Full Moon in Pisces


With the sun passing through its 5th home, hobbies and creativity, it awaits a month of animation, leisure and happiness, but also a lot of motivation and productivity - that Work-Life Balance that does not always fall to us. Take advantage of the full moon in Aquarius, the sign of optimism, and the fact that your planet, Mars, be happy with Jupiter, bringing you luck and hope to what you want most. Do it for everything organized until August 23, as with the beginning of retrograde Mercury, it may seem harder to fulfill or start new routines.

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Venus, his planet, is in retrograde motion, so it is important that he is aware of his needs and be affectionate with herself. The beginning of season Virgin, on the 23rd, attacks his home of pleasure and romance, so the energy will be more sink - and don't let retrograde Mercury spoil the good vibe. It's all a matter of embracing the unpredictable and knowing how to have fun even in the midst of chaos.

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We started the month well, with the full moon in Aquarius, a sign of the same element of twins, reminding it that there are no limits to what they dream or desires and that anything is possible to happen. The inspiration for realization may even be higher from the 9th, with your planet, mercury, aligning yourself with Jupiter, planet of luck, trust, faith and optimism. Take advantage of the New Moon in Leo to assimilate all this energy and define its intentions and an action plan towards the realization of what you want most - face this ritual as the buoy of salvation during retrograde mercury.

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The full moon in aquarium, and the retrograde Sun and Venus in its 2nd House, make the finances and personal values ​​the focus on early August. Take the opportunity to clarify financial topics, but also everything that involves confidence and self-esteem. If you feel that there is a challenge to be overcome, nothing like the energy of the new moon on the 16th to be able to plan and face. The arrival of season Virgo attacks your 3rd house, the communication, so get ready for requests without stopping. But… retrograde mercury begins the same day, so double-check It is watchword, to be sure that what it says and the things it marks on the agenda have feet and head.

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Happy Season! Energy and trust are on your side, even with retrograde venus in your sign. Nothing can stop it and it is good to enjoy the full moon, which shines in the home of relationships and partnerships, to reevaluate those that do not leave their individuality stand out - something so important to their sign. The New Moon in Leo, joining the sun and the retrograde Venus also in its sign, make this month even more special and ask them to follow their intuition in the following month, so that everything unfolds as you want the most. Entry into the Virgo season and retrograde Mercury is like the end of good life, and will have to face responsibilities and the most serious side of life with some attention.

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Time to relax before your birthday. Take advantage of the full moon in Aquarius, an air sign, to incorporate more freedom in your daily life and to stop clinging so much to the typical rules and seriousness of a Virginian. The new moon will be ideal for a ME TIME And to reconnect with your most intimate and spiritual side, even in time to celebrate another year. With the sun shining in your sign next month, you can embrace confidence and extra fun.

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You hardly have to worry about having your planet, Venus, in retrograde motion, as the lion's energy is eating with all your social life with all the strength. The full moon shines in its 5th home, so all that involves embracing your creativity and authenticity is welcome. The Virginian season is faster, with the sun in its 12th house activating its most introspective side. Resting, relaxing, spending time with yourself is all you need after a hyper social summer. But it is also true that Mars enters his sign on August 27, lighting his ambition and initiative power, all under another full moon. Perfect for improving work routines and finding balance with personal life.

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Although the lion's energy is illuminating your professional sector, the full moon in Aquarius suggests that you focus on your private life, taking advantage of your planet, Mars, is in synergy with Jupiter, the planet of luck and hope . Will have the energy necessary to make possible positive adjustments in this dimension. With the arrival of the virgin season, the focus will be in your social life and will increase your need to surround yourself with a community that nuts it in every respect. The New Moon in Pisces may be inspiring and give it the necessary attention to develop creative projects.

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Whether by the full moon in your communication home, or by your planet, Jupiter, being in synergy with the motivation of Mars, this beginning of the month is full of energy, inspiration and ideas. The Virginian season illuminates the professional and public life sector, becoming the ideal time to focus on projects that have in hand and organize future plans (to put into practice after retrograde Mercury). The month ends with the full moon in fish and asks him to do an emotional check-up-which he feels, who shares his personal life, his space, his wills and his limits.

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The month begins with the full moon shine in the 2nd house, finance and material world. It is ideal for reflecting on what is important to you in this domain and perhaps renewing strategies. The new moon, in the middle of August, focuses on the intimate 8th house, inviting her to rethink her personal limits and how aligned are her most authentic desires. This emotional "weight" will be relieved at the entrance of the virgin season, toasting the Capricorn with inspiration and freshness. Summer end adventures, be more flexible and guide by your enthusiasm-all this is more than welcome! The end of the month also promises some animation in the professional sector, with Mars passing by.

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The month begins with a full moon in your sign, asking you to let yourself be shone, without hesitation due to the expectations of others about you. Venus's movements, the planet of the novel, align with that of his planet, Uranus, and can bring some news in the values ​​of the emotional world. You can and should take advantage of the new moon in Leo to reflect on this topic and potentially get inspired by a new perspective for this sector of your life. On the 28th, his planet, Uranus, begins the retrograde movement, the right phase to process the turns of life in recent times.

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Start the month with a full moon ritual that makes it escape work and everyday life. A season From Leo puts the focus on his productivity, but retrograde Venus can launch questions about how and what is investing in valuable time and energy. The New Moon of the 16th promises to give it clarity to remove its conclusions. With the arrival of the Sun the Virgin, the focus will be (even more) its relations, but retrograde Mercury may end up the situation. Remember to control your sensitivity and try it doesn't take everything so your chest. The end of the month, with the full moon in your sign, is the perfect outcome - no one has more power than you to conduct your life and it is good that everyone (including yourself) is very right of it!

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