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De Dentro Para Fora com Eunice Maia

From the Inside Out with Eunice Maia

I'm from Minho on loan in Lisbon, my heart yearning for the marine silence of São Miguel. My inner geography is made up of places and people I call "home" and places that challenge me, inspire me and make me linger. It is on this intimate itinerary that I (re)discover myself every day. With my husband, I founded a store called Maria Granelwhich started out as an organic bulk grocery store and grew into something that transcended its physical walls, a waste reduction project that, along the way, changed my life. In addition to the store and this grocery trade, I have another great passion: teaching (I'm a teacher) and learning. I steal from Pessoa (Campos) the quote that defines the bubbling state in which my mind is almost always immersed: "[...] I have in me all the dreams of the world". It is this idealism that fuels my hope and action every day.

From the Inside Out with Eunice Maia



Sign Sagittarius

Season Spring

A color White

A book Love in the Time of Choleraby Gabriel García Marquez

A movie Maybe because I'm a teacher, The Dead Poets Club 

A song All from Ludovico Einaudi

A podcast TED Talks Daily

An object Pen

Favorite place in the world Azores

From the Inside Out with Eunice Maia


Who and what inspires you? Nature

What have you yet to create? So much, but my next dream is already in my head and heart

How to stay creative: Slowing down, savoring life

Inside Out with Eunice Maia


First thing to do when you wake up Give my husband a kiss 

How to relax at the end of the day Stretched out on the sofa

A place to switch off Near the sea

Favorite physical exercise With my PT

How you release stress Yoga and music (dancing!)

A woman who inspires you Youwithout a doubt :)

Inside Out with Eunice Maia


Your ideal diet is... Plant-based, varied and full of flavor - I love to eat!

What you always have in the fridge Vegetables and herbs from Quinta do Arneiro

Dinner saver recipe Pasta with whatever's in the fridge

Favorite drink Tea

Favorite snack Toasted transmontana almonds

Favorite restaurant I spend a lot of time (stores!) in two neighborhoods in Lisbon, so in Alvalade, the The Therapist; and in Campo de Ourique, the Ela Canela 

Favorite cookbook My mother-in-law's cookbook

Inside Out with Eunice Maia


Beauty icon I believe in the beauty of the revolutionary gestures of Malala, Greta, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and so many women I admire

An essential piece of clothing White shirt

What's not missing from your beauty routine Exfoliation

Favorite MPL'beauty product: Light and honey and açaí mask (I love it!)

How do you feel prettier? When I smile

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