DDPF - Joana Teixeira

This week, we have the pleasure of getting to know a little better the Joana Teixeirafounder of The Therapist Lx. For those who don't know it, besides a restaurant that follows functional nutrition principles (super in favor!), they also offer personalized accompaniment for those who need new routines and recipes for better health and lifestyle - think less fatigue, more energy, less bloating...

Joana quit the stability of a secure job to launch into a project of her own, in which she believes 1000% - and this is always super inspiring! So, here's another From the Inside Out. I hope you like it and you know you'll always get discounts to enjoy Joana's favorite products here 💓


Sign: Scorpio with Gemini Ascendant

Season: Summer 

Color: Blue

A book: Functional Cooking 🤪 by Joana Teixeira

A movie: Sweet November

A song: Una Mattina - Ludovico Einaudi

A podcast: Hello Beautiful - by my dear Inês Cancela

An object: My bracelet from black tourmaline. I don't leave home without it

Favorite place in the world: Cordoama Beach


Who and what inspires you? People. I love watching people on the street,
in restaurants, at home... I find human behavior fascinating and the
most of the ideas I have are from interaction with others.

What do you have yet to create? So much! This head never stops. But
now I am dedicated to a personal project of flowers and crystals, some
kind of amulets. 😬

How to maintain creativity: Seeking happiness. A happy person is
a creative person. I look for happiness in socializing with friends, the
dancing, being with my family, walking in nature ... 


First thing to do when waking up: Since I have a 10-month-old baby it is to pick him up from bed and give him lots of kisses

How to relax at the end of the day: "Sofar" with my husband 

A place to unplug: Sagres

Favorite exercise: Dance 

How you discharge stress: In my "exorcism" classes - a kind of hit with dancing and stretching

A woman who inspires you: My mother - an entrepreneur who came from nothing, grew up on a pulse, and who never lets me give up without a fight


Your ideal diet is... a plant-based flexitarian diet,
like the one we serve at The Therapist. I love eating plant-based and
fruits, but I don't dispense a little fish once in a while.

What you always have in the fridge: Eggs

Dinner-saving recipe: Quinoa with pestoQuinoa with pesto, hardboiled egg, tuna and dried tomato. Super easy and tasty!

Favorite drink: A hot chocolate made with our Cocoa Cordiceps

Favorite Snack: Energy ball de cacau (I am addicted to cocoa)

Favorite restaurant: The Therapist :P 

Favorite cookbooks: Functional Cooking 🤪 by Joana Teixeira


Beauty icon: Gisele Bundchen - I think she is beautiful and from what I see she is a person who also tries to be beautiful on the inside, not only on the outside.

An essential piece of clothing: Jeans 

What's not missing from your beauty routine: Since I tend to acneic skin I am very careful and wash my face morning and night, apply serum, moisturizer and sunscreen every day.

Favorite MPL'beauty product: O serum Puro Sol. I love the texture and the good smell! I'm addicted! :)

How do you feel more beautiful? When I have just left the beach after a
invigorating sea bath


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