Sweat is essential. While it would be more convenient if we didn't have to worry about it, the truth is that it's vital for our bodies and, just as our tongue gives us clues as to what's going on inside, so too our sweat is an indicator of our health.

The kidneys, liver and intestines are the organs responsible for eliminating toxins and everything in excess that the body does not use. If our digestion is not at 100%, if we do not hydrate enough, if the liver and kidneys are not able to perform their cleansing function, it will show in the smell of our body. perspiration (if you want to know how you can smell better, you can read more here). And the problem is when we turn to deodorants with synthetic perfumes to cover up the stench or antiperspirants that block our glands, thus preventing our body from releasing sweat - a vital function! As well as causing skin irritation, for example, they can even affect our central nervous and hormonal systems, and are especially harmful to women as they can increase the risk of breast cancer.

So the best way to keep your armpits free from bad odors is to through natural ingredients that neutralize bad odors but allow the body to perspire anyway. You can be safe when you choose a deodorant in the mpl'beauty store, because they all comply with this rule! The first formula we created was thePinkin cream format, but we already have several options in the store and, more recently, some of them in stick format - at the request of many!

  • Rose Deodorant - in format cream or stickcontains sodium bicarbonate as a neutralizing agent. Rose extract keeps underarms clean and fragrant, and cocoa butter keeps skin moisturized and soft.

  • Tangerine Deodorant - in format cream or stickalso with baking soda and clay, to absorb perspiration, with a wonderful citrus scent.

  • Sensitive Deodorant, deodorant cream formulated for sensitive skin, which sometimes reacts to baking soda. This formula contains zinc and clay as neutralizing agents and blue tansy oil, with soothing and anti-inflammatory properties.

  • Soothing Deodorant,in cream or stickalso for sensitive skin. Bicarbonate-free and with activated charcoal to control bad odors, it has a wonderful lavender and vanilla scent.

It's also worth paying attention to a few factors that may be making your sweat smell too intense:

Food and digestion

It's super important to eat a varied and balanced diet, and to keep your digestion flowing. To help keep digestion balanced and improve body odor, there's one magic ingredient that helps, a lot - the Detox Drops. A chlorophyll present in these drops helps keep body odor more pleasant and improves the body's natural toxin cleansing process. You can learn more about the benefits of this ingredient here

You may have even noticed differences in your body odor after eating certain things. And it's not just you: what we eat and drink, and even some vitamins, change our body odor. smell. We're not supposed to cut these foods out of our diet, but if you feel like you're sweating too much and smelling too strong, there may be some foods you can eat less often to ease the discomfort.

  1. Cruciferous vegetables: broccoli, cabbage and cauliflower contain sulphur or súlfur. When your body is digesting these vegetables, your sweat can have a sulphuric smell. You can minimize the effects by first cooking them briefly in boiling salted water. Then you can add them as normal to other foods.

  2. Red meat: Our bodies have to make a greater effort to digest red meats, which can make you sweat more and smell more intense.

  3. Alcohol: alcohol is metabolized in the body and transformed into ethanoate or ethanoic acid which, when processed, can give sweat a particular smell.

  4. Fish: Some fish, such as tuna or salmon, have vitamin B18 (choline), which can give your sweat a slightly fishy smell.

  5. Processed foods: as they are rich in refined sugars, they can alter the composition and odor of our perspiration.

  6. Low intake of carbohydrates: Leaving out carbs is an easy way for us to lose weight, because the body focuses on burning fat. But in the process, it produces a chemical that makes sweat smell slightly fruity or varnish-like, depending on your body.

  7. Vitamins: If you take too many B vitamins, you may notice that your sweat takes on a slightly fishy smell.



When we are under stress or anxiety, it is normal to sweat more. We actually have two types of sweat glands, eccrine and apocrine. Eccrine glands are triggered when it is too hot and the body has to produce sweat to cool down. The apocrine glands are triggered to release sweat after some more tense situation, being richer in fatty acids and proteins. It may not smell bad initially, but because it doesn't evaporate as easily, it can develop bad odors when it comes into contact with bacteria on the skin. If you've been feeling more anxious and stressed, try the mixture CALM. This cocoa drink helps you stay calmer and more relaxed.

Hormonal fluctuations

You may have already felt that perspire more or less during some times of the month and even with a odor different. The truth is that hormonal fluctuations have a huge impact (you can find out if you're having a different smell). hormonal imbalance in this post). To help balance the hormonal system, you can try the capsules Superwoman. Just take 2 a day and you'll be consuming a host of fabulous herbal remedies to balance your body and mind. All women would benefit from this blend!