Sun Protection All Year Round? Yes!

Do I really need to wear sunscreen all year round?

The short answer is yes.

Although skin is most vulnerable during the summer vacations, the risk of sun damage exists all year round.Even on rainy or overcast days, 80-95% of the sun's rays can reach us.

Simply put, the radiation UVB are responsible for burns and skin cancer and the UVA radiation are the ones that penetrate deeper into the skin, causing itsageingwhich can be manifested by spots, wrinkles, loss of elasticity and shine.

Accidental sun exposure, such as that which happens on the typical daily commute, has a significant impact on the health of the skin. cumulative effect. And recent studies indicate that cells can be stimulated not only by the rays emitted by the sun, but even by sunlight. blue light emitted by screens and artificial lighting.. In other words, our constant and prolonged exposure to blue lightincreases damage such as pigmentation, wrinkles and age spots, and even thyroid it penetrates the skin even more deeply than UV rays.

So the safest thing for your skin is to protect it daily with a sunscreen - and the data on blue light just reinforces how important it is, even if it's just for working at your computer indoors.


How to choose sunscreen?

The conventional sunscreens contain chemical filterswhich are absorbed by our skin and then neutralize UV rays. The problem is, not only are we retaining unnatural substances on our skin, these formulas are also not biodegradable, so they also harm the environment. In addition, there are chemical filters, such as octinoxate and octocrylene, which are suspected endocrine disruptors. At mpl'beauty, all sunscreens, facial and bodyare minerals. O active ingredient is zinc, capable of creating a efficient physical barrier, which reflects UVA and UVB radiation and protects the skin.



There are two formats of face sunscreen: o Sun Milk Puro Sol Zinc (SPF30+) and Sunscreen Stick (SPF35+). O Puro Sol Zinc has all the protective and repairing botanical actives of Serum Puro Solto which zinc has been added for advanced protection. O stick has a solid consistency and you simply hold it against your face to apply, as it melts in contact with the skin's temperature.

Either one can be applied to the face and neck after your usual cleansing and moisturizing routine. Both are equally effective - the choice really depends on what you find most practical for you!

It's also important to protect certain areas of the body in everyday life, if you wear cooler clothes - we are talking mainly about shoulders, chest and arms. For this, you have the mineral body sunscreenin cream form and super easy to apply.

Also remember to protect children's skin, much more sensitive and vulnerable to the sun - we have a face stick and a body protector for children, enriched with anti-inflammatory and hypoallergenic active ingredients.

And finally, it cannot be said enough that, whatever sun protection you use, it does not invalidate other precautions, such as avoiding prolonged exposure and during peak sun hours; use hat e sunglasses; to remain hydrated on hot days; reapply sunscreen regularly and always after going to the water or when sweating.

The sun is wonderful and we should enjoy it as much as possible, but always in moderation and with care - no tan in the world is worth the risk to our skin :)