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5 Maneiras de se Sentir Bem Nua

5 Ways to Feel Good Naked

There's no greater beauty than feeling good in your own skin, which is why we've put together this post full of tips for loving and pampering your body, and (re)learning to feel good about yourself, just as you are. In other words: naked. No artifice, no filters, and even less comparisons.

Just as there isn't just one form of beauty, there really isn't a perfect body either. We are all perfect, if we know how to look at ourselves and accept it truthfully. At the end of the day, what matters is looking in the mirror and looking ourselves in the eye, confident and beautiful, with nothing to hide. Here are five tips for embracing and celebrating your body, and feeling better the way you came into the world: naked!

5 ways to feel good naked

‌1. Discover Exfoliation

Soft, glowing skin starts with a good exfoliation. As well as being super pleasant and stimulating, exfoliating your body regularly will do wonders for your skin, eliminating dead cells, stimulating tone, helping with the natural detox process and leaving your skin ready to receive deep hydration. A simple way to exfoliate is with our body brush with handlefor a dry exfoliation before showering that is as firm as it is gentle.

Underwater, you can try the exfoliating Shinea surprising blend of coconut and rose to exfoliate, moisturize and illuminate your skin. Or try one of our brand new exfoliating bath foams in three versions - energize, cotton candy e relax - adapted to your mood, to give your body a bath of love.

2. Moisturize your skin well

At any time of the year, and even in winter, moisturizing is essential to maintain healthy, supple skin. Moisturize, our body cream inspired by facial products, provides intense hydration that lasts all day. Its formula, a combination of antioxidant-rich butters such as Cupuaçu, Karité and Murumuru, is prodigious for caring for even the driest and roughest skin. If you really want a boost of hydration while giving your body a delicious massage, try the Sea body oilwith active botanicals that will tone and improve the skin's elasticity, leaving it super soft.

5 ways to feel good naked

3. Pamper your feet

They may not be the most attractive part of the body (there are exceptions!) but they deserve all our attention. That's why we've prepared foot kit which makes your pedicure extraordinarily simple. We've combined the "nano glass" file and the renew moisturizing stick to exfoliate the skin on your feet (so often forgotten and prone to dryness, especially on cold winter days), and then moisturize it deeply. The lime exfoliates and softens and the stick, with shea butter and calendula, leaves feet moisturized.

4. Let your skin shine

Sometimes our skin needs a little boost and that's what the Mar body illuminator. You'll love applying it to your body and seeing how it gives you a wonderful glow with subtle golden tones. Its formula with passion fruit, baobab oil and Persian lime is ultra-moisturizing, helps fight stretch marks and, what's more, it absorbs quickly and melts into the skin, making it even more desirable!

5 ways to feel good naked

5. Renew your skin's firmness

Just as important as what's happening on the surface is what's happening underneath the skin, which is why it's essential to activate circulation and massage the body regularly (for example, using wonderful tools such as the Gua Sha white quartz body massager). To stimulate lymphatic flow, combat cellulite, gain firmness and elasticity, and smooth and smooth the skin, the body oil Firm is ideal. Use it consistently with Gua Sha and watch the transformation happen!