Your scalp ages 6x faster than your face ...

Some things I didn't know about your scalp (and how to take care)

One healthy scalp is the principle of healthy hair, There is no doubt about this. But do we pay you the attention you deserve? Okay, we know it's from the scalp that the hair grows, and to take care and keep healthy we need to keep it clean, exfoliated and hydrated, but is it all?

The scalp is an extension of the skin of the face. It is the part of our skin that covers the skull, and where the hair is born. It sounds simple, but it is actually more complex. For example, Did you know that your scalp ages up to six times faster than the rest of your skin? So it is. Or that the scalp has smelling receivers? Yes, that's right, it's sensitive to aromas (and this factor can be used for its benefit).

In this post, We share some well -kept secrets on scalp, who will like to know. They are the first step to better take care of this part of your body, and see the results in beautiful hair!

Some things I didn't know about your scalp (and how to take care)

The scalp ages faster than the skin of the face

Six times faster. This is due to several factors, related to our lifestyle, such as food, smoking, and exposure to chemicals. As a result, as it gets old, the scalp is losing the ability to retain the moisture we need for healthy hair growth, leading to weakening and even shrinkage of hair follicles, slowing growth. On the other hand, over the years also slows down the production of melanin, which gives the color to the hair.

There is also good news: some studies indicate that the scalp may feel smells! This is due to a single olfactory receiver called or2AT4, which when entering come into contact with the sandalwood aroma, stimulates hair growth. This aroma-capillary association has a giant potential to explore for example in the treatment of baldness.

However, it is proven that the dermarolling, when done in the right and consistent way, it stimulates hair growth. 

Like the rest of the skin, the scalp needs SPF protection

And truth, Hair works like a natural barrier against the sun (Due to melanin) But that does not mean that we are 100% protected, because it all depends on the color and the amount of hair. For example, dark and dark hair has a more effective type of melanin in UV protection, but blond or red hair is more exposed to radiation. Therefore, the hair protects the scalp, but only partially, and so experts recommend sprays with scalp photoprotection, especially if we are sunny for many hours (on the beach or in the countryside)

And hair loss?

It also starts on the scalp, and happens for countless reasons, from hormonal issues to a change in food, or any traumatic situation, such as stress peaks, strong emotions or after a disease. And all these situations can have a deep impact, causing hair loss. What happens is that in these situations the hair follicles rest or “hibernation”, and this is noted months later, with the sharp fall, during brushing or washing.

Some things I didn't know about your scalp (and how to take care)

Tips for a healthy scalp

Fortunately, there are many things we can do to take care and nourish our scalp. An indispensable is our Super Hair Serum, a hair fortifier formulated with to give strength to each thread, from root to tips. It is wonderful to calm dry and annoyed hairy leathers, moisturize and soften the hair. Just put some drops on your palm and gently massage the scalp so that it penetrates the skin, or use as a mask, applying at night before bedtime.

Another ally of a super healthy scalp is the dermaroller. A fabulous tool, with microagles that stimulate the blood circulation of the scalp, leading nutrients and oxygen to the root of the hair, to stimulate growth and strengthen and favor collagen regeneration. Use it in conjunction with the serum, and see the difference.

In a more ancestral but super effective version, our jade comb It is inspired by the combs used in traditional Chinese medicine, to stimulate acupressure points on the scalp, stimulating growth, strengthening fibers, avoiding falling, but releasing tension! Handmade, this jade comb has the energy of regeneration and hormonal harmony, perfect to get the scalp balance.

If you don't know yet, you will love our Super Hair Mask, an intensive mask with natural oils and butters that can apply once a week, or whenever you need extra care. Leaves hair hydrated, shiny and strong, like never!