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Dentes brancos: 6 truques naturais

White teeth: 6 natural tricks

We are what we eat, we know that. And while it's obvious that some drinks or foods affect the health and beauty of our teeth, causing stains and dulling their shine (did someone mention coffee and red wine?), what about foods that have the opposite effect, that is, a beneficial one? In other words, how can we use food to our advantage to get that healthy, radiant smile we dream of and deserve?

It's simpler than it sounds: you have to look inwards. Go down to the cellular level, where everything begins and where everything is processed. What we eat affects us from the inside, and that, of course, shows on the outside. In the mouth too!

It all starts in the mouth

It is through the mouth that the incredible journey of food (and nutrients) through our body begins, spreading health and beauty through every tissue. As with every other part of the body, a healthy and beautiful mouth is closely linked to a balanced diet. And it's amazing how connected it all is: digestion begins in the mouth and saliva plays a very important role in the whole process. The food we chew and swallow contains enzymes that stimulate the production of acids for digestion and this, in turn, has an influence on the teeth and their shine.

Do you want to know which foods should not be missing from your diet to achieve white, healthy teeth? Write them down and make your own personal mix.

White teeth: natural tricks for a healthy and beautiful mouth


Fresh or frozen, strawberries are rich in malic acid. This natural acid is similar to ascorbic acid and works as a natural astringent that improves discoloration. In general terms, malic acid is recognized for its antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties, and is also used as an acidity regulator.


Delicious and juicy, pineapple contains a powerful enzyme, bromelain, which does wonders for your general health. As well as helping to digest proteins, bromelain has an important anti-allergic and anti-inflammatory effect. Specifically in the mouth, this enzyme will help disintegrate the sediments that accumulate on tooth enamel, cleaning its surface.

White teeth: natural tricks for a healthy and beautiful mouth

Nuts and seeds

Due to their structure and abrasive texture, which works almost like "sandpaper", the various types of nuts and seeds are fantastic at fighting dental plaque. In addition, they are naturally rich in calcium, which contributes to strong teeth.

White teeth: natural tricks for a healthy and beautiful mouth


These versatile vegetables are full of surprises. They are rich in calcium, which strengthens teeth, and iron, a mineral that helps fight the bacteria that cause tooth discoloration. Try eating raw broccoli and see how its branches help to clean the spaces between your teeth, getting everywhere.


Celery is incredible for a liver detox, and a superhero for cleaning your mouth. Crunchy but also refreshing, when chewed celery produces a lot of saliva and this will clean your teeth, giving them a brighter look.

White teeth: natural tricks for a healthy and beautiful mouth

The power of toothpaste

Taken alone or in powerful combinations, these foods will strengthen your body and at the same time help you achieve whiter, stronger and healthier teeth. But nature, ever generous, has created other wonderful ingredients that we've put together in the Cardamom toothpastea natural ally for whiter, polished teeth, healthy gums and fresh breath. We're talking about the classic baking soda, the natural whitener par excellence, but also white clay, which remineralizes the teeth and salt, which keeps the pH of the mouth healthy, avoiding the accumulation of residues that sweet formulas encourage. Essential oils and mint, which we have also added to this unbeatable oral care formula, not only freshen breath, but also help prevent bacterial problems and the dysregulation of the oral microbiome.