A melhor rotina para a pele com acne

What to use to balance the skin?

The best routine for the skin with acne

Achieving (true) skin balance is a long-term work that requires a good dose of patience and the right products, adjusted to our needs. At MPL'beauty we believe in the power of natural and biological ingredients, and it is in nature that we find the best allies to get cleaner, healthier and more balanced skin. If your skin tends to acne, oiliness and imperfections, find out here which products are best suited to balance your skin, making it much cleaner, balanced and radiant.

In the morning

The best routine for the skin with acne: morning

Always start with cleaning! We recommend our Cleaning kitcomposed of jasmine oil and 100% biological cotton facial towel. The most natural way of cleaning the face, removing make -up and moisturizing deep even to the most sensitive and reactive skin.

Then vaporize the Cucumber essence Two to three times on your face. A strong ally in combating acne, this spray tonic will help close the pores and control greasiness, making the skin more hydrated, uniform and firm.

Lastly, moisturize your skin with the Serum Repairs, a lightweight facial oil that fights imperfections and acne naturally decreases pores and reduces inflammation for healthier, balanced and cleaner skin.

Complement your morning routine with the take of two Super Skin Capsules, a powerful antioxidant formula based on medicinal plants that reduces inflammation and decreases acne, contributing to cleaner, light and uniform skin from the inside out.

At night

The best routine for the skin with acne: night

Clean the skin again with the Cleaning kitto remove make -up (if you have) and all impurities and toxins that are accumulating on the surface of your skin throughout the day. Proceed with the application of Cucumber essencevaporizing two to three times on the face.

Then apply the Cosmic night. Our night serum is formulated with powerful ingredients to detoxify, purify and calm the skin to the skin while sleeping, making it much cleaner, balanced and healthy.

To treat the most inflamed zones

The best routine for the skin with acne: more inflamed zones

With anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties, the Anti-acne face mask It acts as a treatment located for acne or bubbles. It can be applied to zones you want to treat 1 to 2 times a week for 10 minutes to reduce redness and inflammation, promoting cleaner and smoother skin. To complement the treatment of these more localized areas, it can also apply the Correct, a roll-on serum concentrated with a dry action to reduce the swelling and redness of the bubbles.