Vanessa Motte

Find out who is Vanessa Mottefounder of the Pilates studio Prescription




Sign / astrology sign: Virgo
Season of the year / favorite season of the year: Summer
A color / your favourite color: The color of the sunset
A book / a book: La liste de mes envies by Grégoire Delacourt
A movie: Forrest Gump
A song: Heaven&Earth, Prescription every night (a housy track that became an"hymn" of my brand;))
A podcast /a podcastt: How I build this
An object / an object: My birthday gift from my husband: a necklace/bracelet that has 2 stones which represents each of my sons, I never take it off, whether it is on my wrist or on my neck
Favorite place in the world / favorite place in the world: Lisbon



Who and what inspires you? / what or who inspires you? Fellow women entrepreneurs
What do you still have to create? / what do you still have to create? Everything! Work-wise, I am working on opening Prescription number 2 ... and 3 already.
How to keep being creative? By spending special moments with my sons, they are a real source of inspiration. Kids' minds open develop creativity




First thing to do when you wake up:/ 1st thing to do when you wake up: Drink a glass of water with lemon and prepare my kids' breakfast, my favorite time of the day
How to relax at the end of the day: / meditation and a hot bath
A place to switch off:/ a place to "switch off": Comporta
Favorite physical exercise: / favourite workout: Prescription, Prescription , Prescription !
How to release stress: / how to release stress: Pilates
A woman who inspires you: / a woman who inspires you: Françoise Sagan




Your ideal meal is... /your ideal meal would be: Grilled wholefish with veggies and coriander rice
What you always have in your fridge: / something you always have on your fridge: avocados and fresh cheese
Dinner-saving recipe:/ a recipe that saves your dinners: veggies in the oven and fresh cheese: so easy, healthy and delicious
Favorite drink: / favourite drink: Cold Ginger infusion from Café Sao
Favorite snack: / favourite snack: Avocado on wholeweat bread with lemon, cayenne peper, salt and lemon
Favorite restaurant: / favourite restaurant: Rosamar in Lisbon
Favorite cookbook: / favourite cookbook: Extra Good things by Ottolenghi



Your beauty icon: Gisele Bundchen
An essential item of clothing:/ essential item of clothing: I literally live in my sportswear outfits , I have a whole collection
What you never skip on your beauty routine:/ what you never skip on your beauty routine:Cleansing my face everyday, morning and night!

Favorite MPL'beauty product: / favourite MPL product: EFFECTIVE eyes. This one looks amazing and I am obsessed with eyes products.

How do you feel prettier?/ how do you feel the most beautiful:In my workout clothes of course