All about Stick deodorants

The deodorants have been best-sellers from the beginning, and finally now you can try them in stick form!

After many requests, we now have the 3 deodorants in stickstick deodorants, for a 100% natural care, free of aluminum, chemicals and synthetic fragrances.If you want to learn more about the importance of making the transition to this type of natural deodorant, you can read all about it here. You will be surprised at the impact this common hygiene product can have on our health.

These deodorants allow natural transpiration, without blocking the pores, only neutralizing odors. In addition to thatmoisturize the skin, due to the oils and butters in its composition.



The first sticks developed were those of our best-sellers - Rose eTangerine.

Osodium bicarbonatebecause it is a alkaline substance, helps to remove excessive sweating and keep armpits dryfor greater comfort during the day. They also have clay in their composition, which contributes to a natural detoxification of the glands. The basis of both deodorants is the same, so you should choose the one you like best:

O Rose has a delicate, floral aroma. It was our first deodorant and is still loved by many customers!

If you prefer citrus scents, theTangerine is perfect!



If you have more sensitive skin or have experienced allergy to baking soda, this is the best option for you!

With activated carbon and magnesium, it is super effective in controlling odor and supporting the natural toxin removal system. Its base also has Shea Butter, with anti-inflammatory properties that make it a powerful ally for dry, sensitive and inflamed skin.

Sweeter and more floral, this deodorant has Vanilla, Cocoa and Lavender scents


Frequently asked questions & answers

How much should I use?
Two or three strokes of the stick under the armpits are sufficient. The fact that the formulas are delicate or all-natural does not interfere with their effectiveness - you don't have to use more deodorant because of this.

The deodorant is too hard/soft. Is it broken?
No! Because it is preservative-free and based on natural oils and butters, deodorant is sensitive to temperature. In the colder months, when the deodorant is harder, try warming the stick slightly between your hands and you will see that it melts when in contact with the warm underarm skin. In the summer, if you are in a really hot place, keep it in the refrigerator to prevent it from melting.

Do they really work for people with strong odor?

Yes, they all work great at balancing the scent and keeping you feeling clean and fresh all day long!

Can children use it?

YES! Children can use our deodorants. All of them are 100% natural, organic and moisturizing.

Are they suitable for men?

Yes, without a doubt. Men can also use our deodorants and will have excellent results.