The importance of a natural bathing routine!

If we think that the skin is our largest organ and that we take bathe we bathe very regularly, it might make sense to choose 100% natural products for our skin. hygiene of our body and hair. This is because everything that comes in contact with the skin is quickly absorbed And don't forget that the scalp has lots of blood vessels, and all the components of shampoos e conditioners go straight into the bloodstream. Just as we are willing to invest in our moisturizing routine routine, because it is an area more susceptible both to external aggressors and to opinions (ours and others), we should not neglect what we use on our face. bath. Here are some good reasons to opt for skin care products hygiene products 100% natural and organic.

1. Safety
Unlike traditional cosmetics, at natural cosmetics we do not find toxic ingredients such as petroleum, phthalates, parabens, synthetic fragrances, among others, suspected of causing endocrine imbalance (if you want to know more about hormonal imbalance; you can read here), over-stimulate the immune system and irritate the skin. Obviously, many are used in minimal amounts, considered safe, but, if we think that we use these products practically every day... why risk it?

2. Environmentally friendly
The natural ingredients, organically grown, leave a much smaller environmental footprint, preserving the quality of the soil, water, and air. They are also safer for water qualityThey are also safer for water quality, since everything you use in the shower goes down the drain and affects the water quality in some way. Even if the water is treated, it is always preferable that it is as free as possible from toxic ingredients, which can endanger our health and that of other living things.

3. More active ingredients

When we opt for ingredients organically grown ingredients, you can be sure that they are not only free of herbicide and pesticide residues, but also rich in vitamins, antioxidants and all the nutrients you need to that benefit us.

Bath Kit
O Bath Kit includes the three mpl'beauty essentials for a healthy shower routine - shower gel, shampoo e conditioner!

Shower Gel Orange & Ginger
Cleanses the skin while keeping it moisturized and soft. Rich in antioxidants, thanks to orange and ginger oils, it protects and soothes the skin. Can be used by the whole family!

Shampoo e Conditioner Bergamot & Neroli
Safe and effective for caring for your hair, they keep the scalp healthy, strengthen the strands, and add volume and shine to the hair. They can be used by adults and children, and are recommended in case of scalp irritation, as they are hypoallergenic and soothing.

Other extras we love in the bath!
If you are one of those people who enjoys a nice bath every now and then, try adding Relax scrub. Salt and lavender are a true relaxing bomb, for the muscles and the mind, besides leaving the skin very soft and hydrated.

Moisturizing the skin after bathing is essential, especially if you are one of those who abuses the time under the hot water. A good body moisturizer is a must-have for everyday life and should never be missed after a bath!