All About Oil Pulling


Oil pulling is an ancient practice of Ayurvedic Medicine, which uses natural oils to cleanse and detoxify the entire oral cavity. I created Whitening Elixir Shine so that you can incorporate this ritual full of benefits into your daily routine.

By rinsing with the oil, we activate the salivary enzymes in the mouth and the bacteria are trapped in the oily solution, preventing plaque formation. It also promotes gum healthwhich are often inflamed and are the cause of bad breath. With a solution based on coconut oil-based solution, you will naturally experience a whitening effect on your teeth. If you are a heavy coffee or black tea drinker, try oil pulling consistently and see if you don't experience results in the coloring of your teeth!

Furthermore, in Ayurvedic Medicine, and also in Chinese Medicine, the oral cavity is an indicator of what is going on internally in our body, especially the tongue. It is believed to be linked to the functioning of the kidneys, heart, and small intestine. Therefore, by keeping our mouth clean, we are also stimulating an internal detox and can even help with digestive problems. Oils contain minerals and vitamins that are important for the functioning of your body, which are absorbed in small amounts by your mouth while doing oil pulling. It is much more nourishing than rinsing with the typical mouthwash full of toxic products. Coconut oil especially, has many anti-inflammatory benefits.

There is evidence of benefits for the skin too! By releasing toxins through the action of oil in the mouth, the skin is freer of this burden, which often comes in the form of oiliness or pimples on the skin. It can also help dry skin maintain an adequate amount of oil in the body.

If you suffer from insomnia, allergies, sinusitis or headacheoil pulling after brushing your teeth before bedtime can help you sleep better. Oils and essential oils will help cleanse excess toxins in your body and balance stress levels and hormones.


Oil pulling should be done in the morning with nothing in your stomachideally after cleaning the tongue with the scraper and in the evening after brushing your teeth. Oil pulling is supposed to last 20 minuteswhich may seem like a lot at first, so my advice is to start slowly, with at least 3 minutes.

It also ends up being a kind of massage for the facial muscles.. It can also be beneficial in case of accumulated tension in the temporomandibular joint or for those who suffer from recurrent migraines, as well as being great for toning the facial skin and stimulating its elasticity.


It is very important that you do not swallow the oil. After all it is retaining all the bacteria that may exist in your mouth, and you don't want to swallow any of it. You should also throw it away in a trash can and not directly into the sink, because oils (especially coconut oil) can solidify and clog your pipes. Oil pulling is not a substitute for brushing and flossing your teeth, nor is going to the dentist regularly, no matter how many benefits it has. So keep up your usual oral care - simply include this practice to feel even better!

You can start oil pulling right now withWhitening Elixir Shine (now also in a larger format 200ml)available individually or in the Tooth Kitfor a super complete oral care that is totally chemical-free.

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