DDPF Madalena Rugeroni

Today you can get to know better the Madalena Rugeronione of the co-creators of Favorite Peoplea brand of overalls for children that I love - I'm just sorry that none of my children fit into them. 😅

I see myself in the way Magdalena has affection for her family and I love how she carries that sweetness into the things she creates.

I really thought it would be worth getting to know her better and she is the woman in today's From the Inside Out. I think you'll love it too!


Sign: Gemini

Season: Summer

Color: White or Black.

One book: Blue Ocean Strategy

A movie: Pearl Harbor

A song: Pink floyd, Wish you were here

A podcast: Tim Ferriss show

An object: Book

Favorite Place in the World: Txai, Brazil


Who and what inspires you? New challenges. My family. Travel. books. Nature.

What do you have yet to create? I would love to paint more and make a ceramics course. One day I will come back to launch a new tech startup.

How to keep creative: Research, reading, and being surrounded by people who make it happen.


First thing to do when you wake up: See if my daughter is awake yet.

How to relax at the end of the day: A sunset somersby

A place to unplug: Comport

Favorite physical exercise: Does Netflix and couch count?

How you discharge stress: Dinners out with friends

A woman who inspires you: My mother.


Your ideal diet is... good sushi!

What you always have in the fridge: Butter

Dinner-saving recipe: Tuna Lasagna

Favorite drink: Water

Favorite Snack: Cookies!

Favorite Restaurant: Mini bar

Favorite cookbooks: I don't have any favorites.


An essential piece of clothing: White T-shirt and jeans

What's not missing from your beauty routine: Moisturizing cream face

Favorite MPL'beauty product: Summer Kit Puro Sol

How do you feel most beautiful? After a good day at the beach, burnt out and with revitalized energy.