All About the Feet Kit


 The easiest and most professional way to make your pedicure at home.

With spring just around the corner, we have to start thinking about a deeper treatment for our hair. feetTo keep them hydrated and soft for sandals and open shoes.

That's whycreated a kit that exfoliates and maintains moisture levels in a 100% natural way that is very easy to use on its own. With a super nourishing stick and a nano-glass limethis kit has everything you need to have delicate, soft feet all year round.

And yes, maybe talking about feet isn't the sexiest topic, but we want to help you get ready for the foot season and it's worth starting now!



What a file is and how it works nano-glass?

Yes, using a file super-precise foot file can be a little scary at first, especially with calluses and dry skin. But when used the right way, it is one of the most useful beauty tools there is!

Perhaps you have never heard of a file nano-glass, but this is the most effective way to filing without hurting yourself, with incredible precision. This technology (you can read more about it here) allows you to remove dry skin and leave the surface of the skin very smooth. Besides its precision, this type of file also has incredible durability.

It is a super simple and intuitive way to remove dry skin, soften cracked heels, and even eliminate calluses.



On wet or dry feet, rub with the rough side of the file as needed. Use it dry for a quick 10-minute cleanse or after a bath for an extra deep treatment. The unique glass surface smoothes the skin with precise abrasion, eliminating the need for more aggressive methods or acid-based peels.

  • We suggest soaking your feet in warm water to soften the skin. Then wipe with the roughest part of the fileIn the same direction, start working on the bottom of the foot. Work more on the areas where the skin is thicker - like the heel. You should always use the file in a comfortable way and without causing pain. If it hurts you should stop immediately. Finish the treatment with a good passage of intensive moisturizer RENEW. If you want a hydration boost just put on some socks right after moisturizing.
  • For a pedicure faster, maintenance-free, no need to soak your feet. All you have to do is file under dry feet and finish with the moisturizing foot stick

What benefits does this lime bring?

Besides the aesthetic element of having super soft and beautiful feet the regular use of thisfoot kit helps stimulate blood circulation, prevent calluses, and improves the skin's natural repair process.

How do you clean the nano-glass file?

The easiest and most effective way is to clean the file with soap and water and finish with alcohol between uses.
When clean let it dry on a towel and always be careful not to drop it. Store only when it is completely dry.


Formulated to intensively nourish the driest skin, this balm in a stick format is an even more practical way to keep feet nourished and soft.

Composed of super moisturizing and repairing ingredients such as Shea butter and Calendula Co2 extract extract (see all the ingredients here), as it glides over the skin it will melt into an oil that prevents dehydration and breakouts.

In addition to being used to finish the pedicure after the nano-glass filefile, this stick can and should be applied whenever you need it - and on any part of the body that is in need of nourishment!

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