DDPF Catarina Careers

Who is Catarina? For us (MPL team) she is a little bit of what the brand is, since she works with us in packaging (and I can't wait to show you what's coming)!

For me she is someone I really appreciate, because of her smile, good taste and sincerity. My neighbor at the Stylista "fair" of course Catarina not only does design but also illustrations that fill the rooms in our house.

I hope you enjoy getting to know her better in this interview.



Season:Summer times a thousand
Color:White, the combination of all colors.
A book:Widow Basquiat by Jennifer Clement,about Basquiat's widow and in a way about his creative process as well.
A movie:Mary Poppins, I watch and re-watch it over and over again - now with my kids.
A song:Sleeping Lessons by The Shins
A podcast:O Avesso da Canção, by Luísa Sobral (a podcast also about the creative process).
An object:The computer, for the infinite possibility to execute ideas
Favorite place in the World:Guincho Beach, in Cascais


Who and what inspires you? Seeing the world through the lens of my children
What do you have yet to create? Maybe another child. Definitely a book.
How to keep creative: With the eyes: outings, travel, museums, concerts, theater, ballet, opera.



First thing to do upon waking up: Exercise, by the sea.
How to relax at the end of the day: Cooking for my family, with time.
A place to unplug: Factory Beach, and a farm in Cabanas.
Favorite physical exercise: Running with girlfriends - it adds the useful to the pleasant.
How you discharge stress: In a short, hot bath in the shower. Walking.
A woman who inspires you: Patti Smith, for her courage, her reinvention, her rebirth, her words...and for stopping her career for 15 years to be at home with her family, with no regrets.

Your ideal diet is... Raw... salads, fruit... sashimi! But if I could, I'd live on toast.
What you always have in the fridge:Tomatoes of all kinds and homemade jams from my grandmother.
Dinner-saving recipe: Risotto of zucchini and bacon
Favorite drink: Unfortunately, Redbull (it gives you wings)
Favorite Snack: Raspberries
Favorite Restaurant: Confraria, in Cascais
Favorite cookbooks: More than books, I've been buying La Cucina Italiana magazines for years and have many of the recipes stored and organized in a box I bought in New York. It reminds me of the various stages of my life.

Beauty icon: Any woman who is confident and not afraid to take risks.
An essential piece of clothing: Large, unobtrusive rings.
What's not missing in your beauty routine: MPL's serums. In the summer Puro Sol and in winter Repara.
Favorite MPL'beauty product: A tough battle: Sea Body Oil or the Rose Deodorant.
How do you feel more beautiful? When I wake up, without filters.