Body illuminators Sea e Sun leave the skin glowing, super soft, and moisturized.

What gives them their natural glow?

Both have Mica, a natural light-diffusing mineral, which gives this wonderful glow that favors any skin tone. A silky, sunny glow not only in summer, but any time of year. It's nice to know that we are taking care of ourselves in a natural, sustainable and microplastic-free way.

How to use?

Just shake well before use!
Both can be applied as a daily post-shower moisturizer (all over the body), or throughout the day to enhance the shine of certain areas.

Which one to choose?

Both work to add radiance and are suitable for all skin types - even the most sensitive.

But then what is the difference? O Sun ends up acting as a natural suntantanner, giving a light color to the skin. It is therefore more intense and perfect for darker skins or those looking for a luminous tan.

OSea gives only the brightnessand does not have that color factor. Both give you silky skin and work wonderfully on dull and/or dehydrated skin, thanks to their actives that nourish the skin from the inside out.

It is also important to remember that both are 100% natural and composed of botanical actives that fight dehydration, aging, stretch marks, lack of elasticity, and scarring.

The result? Instantly more luminous, firm, smooth, and hydrated skin. with a golden glow for a healthy, radiant look. And best of all, it absorbs quickly and melts into the skin.


SeaPassion fruit oil, baobab oil and Persian lime.

The super components of these oils were not chosen at random and their function gives you more than just amazing glowing skin. Passion fruit oil is high in linoleic acid, which plays a vital role in maintaining skin health! In addition, it has properties antioxidant and skin-protective properties that help neutralize the damage of the sun and reverse the signs of aging free radicals. Thanks to the intense vitamins it contains, Baobab Oil nourishes the skin, revitalizes aging cells, and gives the skin a a youthful appearance. Finally, Persian Lime helps keep the skin hydrated and healthy.


SunRaspberry seed oil and yuzu essential oil.

Raspberry Seed Oil is one of those oils that bring to mind an image of sweetness, associated with the memory of a summer day. Cold extracted, it provides important benefits to the skin: it is moisturizing, occlusive, anti-inflammatory, and antioxidant! In addition, Raspberry Seed Oil offers anti-aging benefits by improving elasticity, hydration and flexibility while smoothing and softening the skin's appearance.

Yuzu essential oil, which is also part of our sun, is highly prized in Japanese natural cosmetics - for its potential antioxidant, rejuvenating and anti-aging potential on the skin.

Have a summer body may very well have to do with the confidence (and incredible shine) that the illuminating oils give to our skin throughout the warmer months. If the idea of having glowing, golden skin appeals to you, then you'll want to go for one (or maybe both!) of these wonderful oils.