March Horoscope

We are in the month of spring, which always brings a special energy. After all it is also in March that another astrological year begins, as the Sun enters Aries, the first sign of the Zodiac.

We start right away with a Full Moon in Virgo, on March 7th. If it is known as a time of high spirits and too much going on, it is worth saying that it is also on this day that Saturn, the planet of rules, enters Pisces, the dreaming sign, which can free us from pressures and give us freedom to be ourselves and explode creatively. Still, peace and quiet is recommended, without much drama and with LOTS of time for you and what makes you feel good - for this reason we leave a suggestion of self-care for each sign.
On March 16th, Venus enters Taurus, and it is normal that this brings about a desire for more intimacy or romance, either in a love relationship or with yourself, in moments of self-care. Communication will be more direct and blunt from the moment Mercury enters Aries, on the 18th. The Aries season begins on March 20 and with it comes a wave of confidence, whether that is your sign or not. Take advantage of it!


Take advantage of the first part of the month to take care of yourself, sleep well, and relax, because as soon as your season season begins, no one will give you a break! The vibes around you will be typical Aries: energetic, impulsive, partying. Enjoy indulgences and end March again with a good, well-deserved rest and a period of introspection.

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The Full Moon in Virgo makes you start the month with your feet firmly on the ground. The beginning of March also marks a period of strong movement in the field of friendly relationships and networking. You may have opportunities to make a leap in your career, but you also need to be willing to lose control of everything and get out of your comfort zone, which is not always easy for Taurus, who loves stability. Don't forget that Venus enters your sign on the 16th, where it will stay until April 11th - if there is a time to feel sensual and charming, it is right now.

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March starts with an important date for you. On March 7, Saturn enters Pisces, after 3 years in Aquarius, and this movement may bring opportunities for networking opportunities. You may also be surprised in the love field, with Venus entering Taurus on March 16. Pluto's transit at the end of the month enters your 9th house - your more mystical side, your journeys (both physical and mental) and your purpose in life. This is the tone of the next few decades, with an extra drive to expand and explore the unknown. But try not to lose your connection to the people who are already a part of you, as you need both worlds.

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Take advantage of the Full Moon for a relaxing bath or a couch program, because it is in your house of Communication that the light shines - and you might as well avoid misunderstandings. But it's not all bad, as that same day Saturn enters Pisces and your 9th house, which symbolizes your life mission. Saturn's discipline reinforces that you are on the right path, and that your persistence and sacrifices will finally pay off.

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The Full Moon on the 7th in Virgo lights up your 2nd house, associated with possessions, finances and money, which will translate into extra confidence and optimism. You can ride the wave, as on the 20th, with the arrival of Aries in your 9th house, which represents your purpose in life, it is possible that you may feel restless, wanting to "run away" and question your commitments, whether they be personal or work relationships. Take advantage of the next day's New Moon to ask yourself what is transient and what really needs to be changed and define your new intentions.

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As much as you feel you can control everything on your own, the cosmic alignments of March ask you to join with others and share the responsibilities. Being vulnerable and asking for help is not a sign of weakness. The most important day for this sign is undoubtedly the 7th, a Full Moon in Virgo. You will be enlightened along with your passions and achievements. Time to connect with your greatest desires and put them first. There will be other times to pay attention to the yearnings of others.

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On the day of the Full Moon, Saturn enters Pisces and also your 6th house, which concerns health. It will remain here until 2026 and it is likely that in the coming time you will begin to feel improvements in your lifestyle, to find, perhaps, sleep and skin care routines that really make you feel good. The movement of Mercury, the planet of Communication, into Aries on the 18th may precipitate some more tense conversations. However, the New Moon brings a new cycle start in the Partnership and Relationships sector. What do you have to let go of to start that cycle in full?

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The month starts right away with Mercury, the planet of Communication, entering Pisces, emphasizing intimacy and empathy in your life. It's time to be vulnerable and take advantage of this period of closeness to others. Take advantage of the Full Moon to take care of yourself, as the planet of rules, Saturn, is in your 5th house, that of Pleasure. The generational journey that Pluto (your planet!) brings is, for you, in the Home and Family sector and this will be the focus for the next few years.

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No matter how adventurous you are, it's always worth having some rules to help you navigate life - and the Full Moon in Virgo, the sign of organization and control, can teach you that lesson. Accept change, calmly and without drama. Take advantage of the night of the New Moon in Aries on the 21st to be with yourself, as it enters your 5th house, that of Pleasure. The end of the month brings the movement of Pluto in your house of Communication, and this planet only makes generational changes. This can only mark the beginning of a new chapter, where communication and relationships go hand in hand.

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Maintaining work-life balance continues to be a challenge and the Full Moon in Virgo can bring some extra anxiety and pressure, so try your best to counteract that. When the Sun enters Aries, it illuminates all that pertains to Home and Privacy. All the more reason to appreciate the space you live in and who you share it with, if any.

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Transformation! Pluto, the planet of change and making generational moves (they don't happen often!) enters your sign this month, on the 23rd, and stays there until 2044. What this brings as a challenge, it also brings as a reward: growth, deepening of relationships, and finding your true path. Communication will flow lightly, during the Aries season, and is a topic to keep in mind during the New Moon. Maybe it's time to have that conversation you've been putting off, so you can start a new cycle again.

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The month begins with Mercury in your sign, so make your wishes everyone's command! The luck of good communication is on your side. The New Moon seems to bring good news in the field of materiality, possessions, and money. It might be a good time to start dealing with this area of your life in a new way, perhaps one that gives you more pleasure and abundance. Pluto's transit shakes up your house of emotions and subconsciousness, starting on the 23rd. This generational shift is the compass for the next few years, so expect a journey of the kind full of wisdom where it's really best to savor one day at a time.

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