Natural deodorants and why we love them

If you never tried using a natural deodorantSo get ready, because in this post we tell you everything you need to know about this much healthier alternative-for you and the planet-and why we love them!

Unlike traditional deodorants, which contain aluminum salts, nanoparticles, parabens, among other chemicals and preservatives, natural deodorants are, as the name implies, made entirely from organic ingredients, and therefore much more kind to your skin and beneficial to your health.

It is not always easy to find a good natural deodorant: some smell beautifully, but do not avoid sweat, others neutralize unwanted odors, but at the expense of a strange smell, and so for some the transition is difficult.

But it doesn't have to be so. It is even possible to unite the best of two worlds in a natural deodorant And opt for a solution, in stick or cream, able to face the biggest challenges - a multiple flight, a long bike ride, a busy day in the city, or a cardio session in the gym - keeping your skin fresh and well-chrink all day.‌

Natural deodorants and why we love them

Benefits of Natural Deodorants

But what are the advantages of natural deodorants? Well, besides having a wonderful smell, they are super effective and respect the natural pH of the skin. See how they act:

  • They absorb perspiration without resorting to chemicals and other synthetic substances.
  • Smell beautifully, with 100% natural fragrances
  • They are effective, and last, neutralizing the odors hours.
  • Eliminate toxins and impurities because when it is free from the block of aluminum salts, the skin breathes more easily
  • Moisturize and exfoliate the skin of armpits, especially sensitive
  • Contain anti-bacterial and soothing properties, ideal for skin with tendency to irritation
  • They are free of aluminum and synthetic fragrances, our body thanks and the environment as well.

How to choose the perfect deodor for you

Now that you know why we are super fans of natural deodorants, let's help you choose the one that is really perfect for you. Our ROSA Deodorant Stick, For example, it is an always fresh classic! A 100% natural formula and made from biological ingredients, just two to three armpit passages to keep it clean and with a feeling of freshness all day. Without aluminum or synthetic fragrances, this deodorant has a delicate aroma to roses, helps the skin to detox and neutralizes odors. If you prefer the more citrus aromas, find out the Tangerine: Stick deodorant, which contains all these benefits with an equally delicious fragrance, or the Passion Fruit & Coco: Stick deodorant.

For skin to need more hydration, the best solution is even cream deodorants, which besides being very effective, also scrutinize the skin, thanks to its slightly granulated texture. Based on coconut oil, cocoa butter and sodium bicarbonate, and 100% aluminum free, our cream deodorants are available in two fragrances: pink It is Tangerine.

Even more special formulas for sensitive skin

Natural deodorants and why we love them

Sensitive skin, someone? The most prone armpits to irritation will love the Sensitive: Cream deodorant, a formula that unites the anti-inflammatory properties of the blue tansy and zinc with the effectiveness of the pink clay to make their armpits closely, protected and free of impurities. With an orange and tangerine perfume, this deodorant contains no baking soda, being even smoother on the skin. For those who prefer Stick, we developed This formula With a sweet and floral aroma, which has the same benefits. If the idea is really absorbing excess oils, the best option is Calm: Cream deodorant, A powerful formula with activated charcoal (which acts as a “sponge” to absorb and control skin, keeping it very clean and free of dirt and other toxins that cause unwanted odors), magnesium (which absorbs transpiration in a form natural) and the super hydrant butter of shea.

Very easy to apply, soft to the delicate skin of the armpits, and with a lasting effect, these natural deodorants have only one name: delight!