How to wake up libido

Has it been half-turned off from desire and sexual impulse? Know that you are not alone. Desire, like hormones, floats, and in the case of female hormones, these fluctuations can be particularly intense.

So it is so important to perceive the link between the hormonal balance (or imbalance) and our libido, finding out how hormones can have a deep impact on sexual desire. So, without taboos, we can finally realize the origin of the problem and act!

How to feel super sexy and awaken the libido

A question of chemistry

Sex, we know, starts in the head. But beyond the mental and relational factor, the truth is that sex and desire are also a matter of chemistry. And not just between two people. Also within us!

Circulating through our body, hormones function as “messengers” in our body, influencing various functions, including sexual desire. When hormone levels are unregulated or in imbalance, this can have a deep impact on our libido. In particular estrogen, a female sex hormone that plays a crucial role in women's libido and sexual satisfaction.

The predominance of estrogen happens when there is an excess of this hormone compared to other hormones, such as progesterone. This imbalance can cause a number of symptoms, such as irregular menstrual cycles, mood fluctuations, weight gain, hormonal acne and clear, loss of libido!

But not only excessive estrogen causes problems. In perimenopausal and menopause, for example, abrupt descent of the levels of this hormone can cause changes in body temperature (the well-known “affronts”), accentuate problems in bones, cause vaginal dryness, and, even seeing, to fall asleep desire and hinder sexual satisfaction.

A roller coaster

It is not a brilliant overview, but fortunately, at any age, there are many things we can do to counteract this roller coaster effect of our hormones and light our sexiest side awakening a healthy desire and paving the way for a super satisfactory sex life.

For restore hormonal balance, We can start by introducing changes in our lifestyle, starting with rEGULATE STRESS, which can trigger a hormonal imbalance, firing estrogen production. Practice meditation and mindfulness, but also exercise regularly, sleep well and adopt a balanced diet They can help restore hormonal balance.

And of course, as we are not tired of saying around here, we can act from the inside out, nourishing our body with overlooking and supplements that support balance and help to awaken libido, to a fuller and more pleasant sex life.

To feed (literally) your libido

How to feel super sexy and awaken the libido

Stimulating libido from the inside. We have two suggestions, two natural and Power -filled overfeeds.

Cocoa: An ancestral plant, considered by some civilizations with a sacred food, and associated with good mood and well-being, relieving stress. The raw cocoa will bring you more energy, awaken libido and relieve emotional wear.

Litter: Ideal for enhancing healthy sexual energy and activating libido, this adaptogenic super root will help you feel more confident and energized. In addition the phytonutrients that help reinforce energy, physical endurance, mood and hormonal system. Perfect!

To awaken desire

How to feel super sexy and awaken the libido

Yes, it's true, being sexy goes through (a lot) through your head. Because stress and tiredness, anxiety and even that sudden sadness are a turn-off Absolute, we develop formulas that will help you feel more comfortable, confident and awakened for a healthy and pleasant sex life.

Super desire capsules: A 100% natural solution with finger -chosen medicinal plants to boost libido, awaken desire and support a healthy sexual function. Shatavari, for example, helps regulate natural hormonal cycles and epimedium is a plant with aphrodisiac qualities, excellent for helping to awaken desire.

Chocolates Super Desire: Sweet, Spicy… and Sexy! Formulated with medicinal plants, aphrodisiac spices and the sensuality of cocoa these chocolates, to prove alone or by two, will stimulate sexual desire and inflate their libido, bringing good mood and energy into their days. And nights too.