How to use the Gua Shar correctly (and see the results)

Ah, the Gua Sha! It is likely that you have heard of this powerful beauty tool, but if you have not tried it, get ready, because it will change your life. In this post we tell you everything you need to know about the Gua Sha and how to get the best party from this amazing beauty enhancer.

How to use gua shame correctly

What is Gua Sha

O Gua Sha is an ancestral modeling tool Used there are millennia of traditional Chinese medicine. Initially, Gua SHA was used for body treatments, but given its benefits, it was quickly adapted to the face, for a facial massage as smooth as it is energizing, equivalent to a natural lifting. With the help of this tool and the RIGHT TECHNIQUE (super simple, go there) promote your well-being, activate blood circulation and remove unwanted toxins From your body, in a delicious massage, which is an authentic proof of self love! ‌

What does Gua share do?

It is amazing how such a small and simple tool can have such a visible and deep effect, acting to the surface of the skin, but also in the organs of our body. The word "Sha" means the healthy flushing that arises when the skin "wakes up", heals and regenerates, by the action of the Gua Sha. Let's see how it works?

Used with an oil (like our wonderful Sculpt) that facilitates the movements of water as it nourishes the skin, the water will sculpt and tone the skin of the face, allowing inflammation to be drained and that the muscles free themselves from tension. It also helps to make the skin firmer and more radiant, stimulating collagen production, and activating circulation so that nutrients access all parts of the face without exception.

This is what happens to the surface, but there is a long time to pass under the skin. As with acupuncture, the gentle pressure of the Gua shall will activate the meridians' lines, bringing benefits to organs such as the stomach, the liver, the spleen, the heart and the kidneys.

Massaling the face, we are sending messages simultaneously to different parts of the body, through the meridians, to break free from toxins and work better!

So it is easy to see why Gua Sha has won more and more enthusiasts around the world creating a wave of natural, noninvasive beauty that slides through the skin!

Benefits of Gua Sha

There are many, and all together create that wonderful lifting we are looking for, leaving the skin rested, toned, radious and healthy! Some strengths of the Gua Sha:

  • Stimulates circulation and activates blood oxygenation, carrying nutrients to various tissues
  • Drain the lymphatic fluid (and with it toxins) and fights inflammation, reducing swelling and chats in the eyes and dark circles.
  • It stimulates collagen production, which helps to eliminate considerably reduce wrinkles and treat and prevent sagging skin (lifts and squeezes the skin)
  • Promotes the uniform tone of the skin: helping the skin eliminate dark spots and hyperpigmentation and accelerating the healing time of bubbles
  • Skin illuminates
  • Help relieve rosacea
  • Help in the penetration of skincare products

How to use gua shame correctly

How to use gua shame

One of the wonders of the Gua Sha is that It is a technique that we can easily do at home, very simply, with amazing results (and visible right after the first massage). Remember: A consistency is super importantTherefore, after choosing its Gua Sha, repeat the ritual every day.

A good reference is fPay your gua massage every morning for five minutes. First, apply a facial oil or serum And then gently slide the stone by the neck, "scanning" the skin, always from the bottom up, and toward the hair line, concentrating on the cheekbones and the jaw. Always make your massage from the center of the face to the hair line, in rising movements, passing through the lines around the lips, the cheeks and cheekbones the eye contour, the zone around and between the eyebrows, and the forehead . These movements must be slow and intentional, but without exaggerating. This will help drain fluids and promote circulation. The keyword is gently - you don't need to apply too much pressure to reap the benefits. You can start on the left side of your face, connected to your more feminine and receptive side, making the Gu Slide from the bottom up and from the center out, and then move to the right side, which will be more receptive.

A gua shall for each type of skin

There is no two equal GuaEach has its own specific angles and contours to adapt to different parts of the face and make a memorable massage. The older water were made of bone, and then in stones and crystals, in immense shapes and sizes. These days, the best Gua Gua are made of crystals, as beautiful to see and play, as the feeling they create by passing them through their skin.

The stone of which it is made has a huge influence on the effect of the Gua Sha! O Water shameFor example, it is perfect for the most mature skin: beyond its soothing effect, this crystal is known for its anti-aging properties. To enhance the youth and freshness of the skin, the ideal is the Gua Sha Quartzo Rosathat will help her nourish her most loving side, as she activates self-esteem. O Gua JadeEast symbol of protection and serenity is indicated to support the detox and regeneration of the skin. And if and your skin is more sensitive, or tendency to acne or rosacea, then the Water white white, which channels a smooth, purifying and protective energy, is the ideal choice. We recommend using water with a modeler oil like Sculpt, or one of our Serums, and that's why we prepared the Gua Shar Quartz Rose Kit (With the Energizant Serum Puro Sol) and the Gua Jade Gua Kit (with the Detox Serum).

How to use gua shame correctly

What is the sensation of Gua Sha?

One deep relaxation And pleasurable, to the point of not believing that our face could be so tense! The right pressure - neither more nor less - is essential to get the biggest benefits. The movements must be soft but not loose. They must be intentional, as if the water is passing over the soft, soft skin of a baby.

When the massage is done correctly, in addition to a super pleasant relaxation, it is possible to feel subcutaneous fluids to move, which is a great signal! What you will feel for sure is your skin to awaken, to come to life, as if you were waking back.‌

When to avoid water?

If used correctly (ie, kindly) the Gua Sha has no unwanted effects, because it is a noninvasive technique. However, it is not recommended for irritated skin with sunburn or coagulation problems. It is natural that after the passage of Gua Sha, some zones of your skin are more embodied, but this is due to the soft pressure of the tool.

How often should I use Gua Sha?

Once a week is good, but every day is wonderful! After becoming familiar with the technique, and choosing the right Gua for you, you will realize that it is really amazing, and you will want to incorporate it into your daily life, naturally!