From the inside out with Sofia Cotrim

I'm Sofia, I was born in Rio de Janeiro in 79, my mother went to Brazil with my grandparents and eventually met my father a carioca of the gem. I am the oldest of three sisters. And I am a lucky one to have them around. I was the first of my friends to get married and this year we are on their way to 23 together. I have three wonderful children and a dog. 

I am very curious and I love manual work. I like DIY, embroidery, photography, some types of painting, cuisine. These are so different things that when I had to choose a name for my project it could only be a name where I could put it inside my whole world, so I called it “Sofia's world ”. 

I am very happy to do what I do. 

 From the inside out with Sofia Cotrim


Sign: Ram 

Seasons: Summer, how not?! 

A Collor: Yellow 

A book: One that I just read, Plow Written by a Brazilian, Itamar Vieira Junior 

Film: Coconut before Chanel 

A song: I Will Survive da Gloria Gaynor, on top of that was one of the songs that was on the top when I was born. 

A podcast: Because yes is not an answer from Eduardo Sá. 

An object: Scissors, the superstitious say that you should not be offered as a gift, which is a pity. 

Favorite place in the world: My grandmother's farm in Brazil 

From the inside out with Sofia Cotrim


Who and what inspires you?  My family. 

What do you still need to create? So much, I always have my head to boil with ideas, only lack time. This world of mine from Sofia is really a world. 

How to maintain creativity? Paying attention to everything around us, inspiration can come from anywhere. 

 From the inside out with Sofia Cotrim


First thing to do when you wake up: Looking at the phone which is a bad habit, then I usually finish the glass of water I have at the headboard. 

How to relax at the end of the day: An outdoor ride with any of my children is ideal. 

A place to turn off: the field. 

Preferred physical exercise: Walks with my husband. 

How to discharge the stress: A good night's sleep always helps. 

A woman who inspires you: My mother. 

 From the inside out with Sofia Cotrim


Your ideal diet is… The one I don't have but should have. 

What do you always have in the fridge: Eggs, fruit and dark chocolate. 

SAVING RECIPE: Hatched cooked with broccoli, eggs and potatoes. 

Favorite drink: Coca-Cola 0 

Preferred snack: Rice crackers with dark chocolate 

Favorite Restaurant:  According to Muelle 

Favorite kitchen books: Isalita 

 From the inside out with Sofia Cotrim


Beauty icon: Audrey Hepburn 

An essential piece of clothing: Colorful 

What is not lacking in your beauty routine: moisturizing cream It is sunscreen. 

Product MPL'beauty favorite: The kit Super lifting massageer 

How do you feel more beautiful?  When I'm in a good face and a long dress.