How to take care of hair naturally this summer?

Summer is wonderful, but it can make our hair resent a lot of water (salty and chlorine), sun, lots of washes and less time for care routines, when all we want is to enjoy free time.

It is even more important to invest in a natural routine, ensuring that hair and scalp remain hydrated, ready to regenerate any damage, to grow healthy and avoid falling.

Why is taking care of hair with natural products so important?

Synthetic ingredients, present in conventional formulas, destroy the natural oils of our hair and scalp. The result is very dry hair or the accumulation of waste in our scalp, blocking the pores and preventing the hair from growing and even leading to fall. These same chemicals are quickly absorbed by the bloodstream, so damage is not only visible in our hair.

Should I protect the hair from the sun?

Just as we protect the skin, also We must protect the hair - In particular, people with straight or too fragile, dry and brittle hair. O Sunscreen hair contains natural silicone,a safe and biodegradable alternative that not only creates a protective barrier on hair and stimulates the action of UV filters, as does not accumulate on the scalp, unlike synthetic silicones.

Should I reinforce hydration?

Undoubtedly! It is important that, at least once a week, do An Intensive Mask. Our advice is to let it act at night and in the morning wash your hair as usual. For Nourish the scalp, we advise massage with a few drops of Super Hair Serum. You botanical actives will nourish the root of the hair, enhancing strong and healthy growth. Can even use your comb, for maximum absorption and a relief of the tension in the skull zone (which is much larger than we realize).

Also think about hydration from the inside out! To the Beauty drops, rich in minerals, are great for strengthening the structure of the hair (as well as skin and nails).

How should I wash and dry my hair?

It's even more important Wash your hair well during the summer, given that We have even more waste to clean - sweat, sand, chlorine, salt… And it is natural that you have to do it more often, so it is really important to invest in quality natural products, to make sure you are giving you nutrients and not synthetic ingredients.

Wash and rinse twice at least, Massaling the scalp well And ensuring it is very clean. After, apply conditioner on the tipS and remove with water. You can use Shampoo It is Conditioner bergamot and orange flower or, if you have hair loss problems, the Super Hair Shampoo, which will help strengthen and balance.

Since the weather is warmer, Enjoy washing your hair with cold or warm waterAt least, as too hot water damages the structure of the hair. And also take the opportunity to let it dry naturally, air, Because the temperature of boards and dryers leaves hair very dry and dehydrated.