How to choose the right protein?

Proteins. We all need them and we all know their importance (and we don't have to be a high competition athlete). They give us energy, satiety, and support numerous very important functions in our body. But which?

How to choose the right protein?

Proteins are a super important macronutrient for health and our overall well-being, and essential for keeping muscles and bones in good shape. But not only. When assimilated thanks to amino acids, They help build muscles, fabrics and cartilage, and also strengthen bones, but also, it is important not to forget, to strengthen hair and nails! In addition, proteins help repair tissues, support the body's oxygenation, collaborate in the production of enzymes and still support hormonal regulation and the immune system. It's case to say: wow!

Of course, with so many relevant functions, it is really important to pay attention to the amount of proteins we eat. And quality too.

Why proteins?

Proteins can be of animal origin (meat, fish, eggs) or vegetable (giant and varied the list, but to have some ideas: peas, lentils, grain, brown rice, etc.). The important thing is that they are not missing, and that they are healthy, from the origin, and of quality.

Ours vegetable proteins powderof biological origin, they are a great way to ensure that proteins do not fail, and are ideal to start the day (the feeling of satiety remains for hours) or helping fabrics after a workout. Did you know that breaking fasting with a protein-rich breakfast helps maintain stable sugar and energy levels, balances hormonal production and helps control crackers throughout the day? So it is.

In addition to the macro effect, vegetable proteins also give us a good dose of micronutrients such as vitamins and minerals, and fiber.

How to choose the right protein?

Power protein

All this would be wonderful, but why not do better and further enhance the benefits of proteins? This is what we did, and so, besides containing only the best bioavailable vegetable proteins (of bio-fermented brown rice, hemp, pumpkin, pea or chia),s Our proteins we added different adaptogenies,chosen to support body and mind in different functions. From skin to hair, hormonal equilibrium, stress, or physical or mental energy, surely there is a right protein for you. Find out which one!

Super Female Protein

It sounds too perfect, but it exists. A spoon is enough to reveal all the beauty and feminine energy in itself. This protein was specifically developed to support women's beauty and well-being, with ingredients selected to favor the hormonal system and metabolism. Take it to breakfast (you can add it to drinks, beams, porridge or pancakes) and see how vegetable proteins, fibers and enzymes work to create a feeling of satiety, improve digestion and reduce abdominal swelling . To reduce stress and regulate mood, we have joined adaptogens such as Ashwagandha and Shatavari, as well as superfolding such as fighter, chlorlala, barley and spirulin weed, wonderful for your daily detox and to alkalize the body.

Pure energy: Chocolate adaptogenic protein

If the idea is to enhance physical and mental energy then the right protein is pure energy, formulated with Energizing adaptogens, like maca, eleuthro and cordyceps, super important for Balance nervous and hormonal systems It is strengthened immunity. The best part: the delicious taste of cocoa, very rich in antioxidants and magnesium source, great for Animate mood, relieve stress and give it that healthy boost. Ideal for the most active!

Pure beauty: adaptogenic protein of red fruits

The best ally for young, healthy and luminous skin, this protein acts from the inside out to improve the elasticity of Skin, prevent aging and stimulate collagen production. Formulated with red fruits- acai, blueberries and amla- known for its antioxidant action, and with ingredients that moisturize and cleanse the skin- pink and tulsi- is a fabulous anti-aging tonic to treat your skin as it deserves.

Pure beauty

Creativity protein: adaptogenic protein of matcha

For those who need focus, sharpen memory, or awaken creativity, this protein with Matcha is simply perfect. The leaflets of this Japanese green tea are loaded with antioxidants, and are wonderful to increase concentration and stimulate intellectual capacity. In this formula, we joined Spirulina and Cloerella (amazing for that regenerating detox) and added finger -chosen adaptogens, such as Lions Mane and Eleuthro, which enhance memory and focus, and protect neurological health.

Super Hair Protein

Proteins play an essential role in hair health and beauty, so we develop this formula that operates from the inside out, strengthening the hair, stimulating growth and fighting fall. This formula adds four different vegetables - hemp, pumpkin, peas and chia - for a powerful mix of protein, vitamins and other essential nutrients. Because stress also negatively influences hair health, we kunted two amazing adaptogens, Ashwagandha and Shatavari, which help balance the nervous system and even Amla and He Shou Wu, two plants that stimulate healthy hair growth, prevent premature aging, fight inflammation and improve blood circulation on the scalp.