Fills: the problem and the alternatives

Natural alternative to fillers and botox: Discover Cupping and Gua Sha.




Dermatological filler injections are a practice used by plastic surgeons and dermatologists in thousands of women worldwide to fill fine wrinkles and lines or give volume to the lips and cheekbones. Although they are not risky (it is about introducing foreign substances into the body, after all) they were considered safe and extremely popular, also among very young women, even before age 20. Recently, a study by a team of plastic surgeons in the United States and presented at the British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons has triggered all alarms. Social networks quickly filled with alarmist publications warning that fillers - that celebrities use and abuse - could cause cancer.

But what does this study really reveal? Does fillers so many people inject into the skin to recover youth or highlight the features even cause cancer? Well, you need to be prudent.

Natural alternative to fillers: Discover Cupping and Gua Sha Sha

Lymphatic blockade, no more

The facts: fillers are essentially composed of hyaluronic acid, and what these studies reveal is that this compound (which the body produces, and that in fillers is injected into its artificial form) blocks the lymphatic vessels, which help the body to identify and eliminating toxins, including cancer cells. That is, it is possible that by “clogging” lymphatic vessels, fillers interfere with our body's ability to eliminate unwanted cells (which we all produce) and thus increase the risk of cancer. But we need to investigate more. That is, the researchers who pointed to the connection between hyaluronic acid and clogging of lymph nodes (scientifically proven) said more studies would be conducted to realize if these fillers injections can cause cancer.

It is very easy to jump: lymphatic vessels exist in our body so we can clean impurities and waste. It is through them that we fight infections and maintain high immunity. If they are blocked (by fillers) how can you play your role? On the other hand, as scientists explain, by introducing a strange substance (such as hyaluronic acid) the body will react, to combat this invader, triggering an immune response that could be avoided.

With or without proven cancer factor, The truth is that thinking that we inject in the face chemicals that block the normal flow of our body, is already bad enough. Very simply, fillers mean blockade, or from the point of view of traditional Chinese medicine, “stagnation”, something we definitely don't need in our lives!

Beautiful and rejuvenated skin, without collateral damage

What we truly want is that everything flows. In the lymphatic vessels and not only. And this is possible - getting a younger, firm and hydrated skin - without resorting to chemicals. In addition to the obvious blockage of lymph nodes, fillers have a series of collateral damage such as nodules, cysts, inflammation and pain, which are totally undesirable.

Fortunately, there is an alternative. 100% natural, healthy, affordable and positive, and without associated risks. Here are some ideas:

CUPPING: An alternative therapy that using silicone glasses that slide through the skin creating suction, allows you to sculpt the contour of the face, enhancing firmness and elasticity and filling the wrinkles. Our CUPPING KIT include two Cups silicone with characteristics (one for the delicate zone of the eyes + lips and one for the rest of the face) and a Sculpt Facial Serum specific to facial massage.

Water: Another ancestral technique that does not lose actuality with fabulous results. Originally in traditional Chinese medicine, this beauty tool allows you to model the skin of the face, acting on key areas such as the neck, the jaw, and the cheekbones. Super easy to use, the daily use of gua shares improves the full absorption of beauty products, promotes blood circulation and lymphatic drainage, fights swelling (especially in the eye zone) and the appearance of wrinkles. To further enhance the anti-aging effect of this massage, apply some drops of the Serum Revitaliza, with vitamin C and other natural antioxidants, which provides a lifting effect on the skin, returning firmness and elasticity without chemicals!

Natural alternative to fillers: Discover Cupping and Gua Sha Sha

Eye focus: Also for the most delicate and sensitive area of ​​the skin, the contour of the eye, there is a solution, without resorting to any injection. Our Green Adventurin Eyes Kit It comes with two Gua Sha Mushrooms, especially adapted to the sensitive zones of the face, and the effective serum, special for the skin around the eyes (reduces dark circles and swelling) and the lips. A concentrate of beauty, to massage and feel the difference.