Hóroscopo June

June, the month of summer! It begins with the vibrant energy of Gemini and ends with the emotionality of Crab. We can breathe a sigh of relief because Mercury Retrograde is over, but Saturn will be retrograde in Pisces, so we don't get rid of some drama. Dates to aim for: Full Moon in Sagittarius on June 4, and New Moon in Gemini on June 18. Find out what's in store for you this month!


Spontaneity and impulsiveness are strong characteristics of Aries, and the Full Moon in Sagittarius, another sign of the fire element, will only accentuate your need to be irreverent. The time is right to do something out of the ordinary that will fill you with adrenaline. The New Moon and the retrograde movement of Saturn at the same time can bring you some restlessness. The trick is to use this energy in the right way. Perhaps start something new, a nurturing project or hobby, that is truly stimulating. As the Sun enters Cancer at the end of the month, invest in your "corner" with everything that makes your home your special place: candles, music, programs with special people, and your favorite food.

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Boundaries. This is the topic where the Full Moon makes you think. Is too much of your time and energy spent on caring for others? This may be an opportunity to reprioritize if you have been feeling unappreciated. The retrograde movement of Saturn asks you to insist on the same topic and reflect on your friendships, businesses, partnerships... The New Moon in Gemini can be an important moment to materialize ideas and transform resources into something that brings you future prospects.

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Celebrate, because this is your seasonbut don't think that it will be all roses. The Full Moon puts the focus on your relationships, asking you to reflect on what you really want and whether your expectations are realistic. It is also a great time to let yourself be discovered through those close to you. So be open to conversations or adventures with those you love most, as they can be deeply revealing of who you are and what you want to become. The most important day will be the New Moon in your sign, with the Sun and Moon meeting in your first house, the house of Self. If your curiosity never leaves you alone, on this day, much less! It could be the beginning of a path of rediscovery.

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The Full Moon in Sagittarius asks you to be less routine and more spontaneous. It doesn't have to be big: you can simply wear a shirt in a different color or make an unusual plan mid-week, and experience the energy that comes from these small changes in routine. The New Moon in Gemini, the curious sign, is the perfect time for mentally stimulating activities. Writing, reading, learning about something new, having long conversations with someone interesting. Embark on it! You finish the month in your sign, which will bring out your best qualities. Your intuitive, emotional, and motherly side are very evident, but don't forget to nurture yourself as well and not just others.

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Have fun! That's what the Full Moon in Sagittarius invites you to do, as it happens to be in your fifth house, that of pleasure. Embark on all the activities that amuse you, and if something new comes up to try, don't say no. Take advantage of it, because the Sun's entry into Cancer will bring a more introspective energy - ideal to recharge your batteries and fulfill some needs you may have been neglecting. This is not the time to be outgoing and the center of attention - you can save that for your seasonseason, which is coming up soon.

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If there is a day to get out of routine and break routines it's the Full Moon on the 4th. There is a desire for adventure inside you, even if sometimes it's muffled by other characteristics, so let yourself be carried away by it. The New Moon in Gemini falls in your tenth house, that of career, so new things are expected in this area. If there is always something inside you to be "cooked up", this is the day to put ideas and projects into practice. Your communication will be on point and you can take the opportunity to show yourself in leadership or enhance working relationships. The Cancer season illuminates your caring side. Take advantage of your presence energy to listen to others and deepen relationships and mutual trust.

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The Full Moon brings out your thirst for knowledge and so it is normal that during this period you will feel more inclined to consume information and feel your intellectual side more nourished. The same will happen at the New Moon in Gemini, since the characteristic curiosity of the sign will emphasize your desires. Saturn retrograde will station in your sixth house, that of health, creating the perfect time to reassess responsibilities, routines, and boundaries around your health and routine. Perfect time to implement new healthy habits that you may have been putting off or to drop excesses that are draining your energy.

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Your finances are the focus during the Full Moon. Although you are cautious by nature, you may feel more secure and abundant on this topic. And investing in yourself is always an opportunity, never a waste of resources. The New Moon will also be important in this area and see it as a creative moment: how can I get more resources, invest more, or reduce debts? The arrival of the season will underline your need to know and explore your surroundings. Anything that makes you expand your horizons, whether it be traveling or learning something new, is perfect for you.

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Take advantage of the Full Moon in your sign to make yourself heard and seen. Luck is on your side during this period, which means you can be bolder in your decisions. The New Moon also promises new beginnings, when it comes to relationships. A simple conversation with someone important, someone you truly care about, can plant countless seeds for the future. Stay open and attentive, and you will reap the rewards later. From the 21st, take advantage of the entry into Cancer to nurture your most intimate and personal side.

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Goodbye busy schedule, hello time for me. This is the Full Moon spirit for Capricorns. Resting and taking time for yourself is also making good use of your time. Saturn is your planet and will be retrograde from the 17th in your third house, challenging your perspectives and your natural discipline. Let it flow and try to realize the possibilities that change can bring. The beginning of the season in Cancer, your sister sign, puts the focus on something Capricorns don't always let on: vulnerability and emotional weakness. It's the perfect time to embrace your closest relationships and be as candid as possible. None of this is a sign of weakness.

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Enjoy the Full Moon with friends, as the light falls precisely on your social side. The New Moon in Gemini, another curious and creative sign, invites you to invest in your passions and hobbies, in anything that can stimulate you intellectually. The arrival of Cancer will shift the focus to your routine and to sharpen all your senses in what your body transmits to you. Is it time to change or start new habits? Only you will be able to tell. The important thing is that whatever decisions you make, make sure they are nurturing and comfortable.

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It's your career path that seems to be with expansion in sight during the Full Moon. If you've been feeling stagnant or repressed, this may be a time for change. Take advantage of the fact that Saturn will be retrograde in your sign for the next four months to readjust your responsibilities, especially if you have been feeling like you are carrying too much weight on your shoulders. But don't abandon your discipline and keep focused on what you are trying to accomplish. Get started season season by trying to have fun and create intuitively, focusing less on the end result and more on how much you enjoy the process. Express all your emotions freely in everything you create.

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