DDPF Rita Cavaco


Sign: Ram.

Seasons: Spring.

A Collor: Pastel.

A book: Any of Fernando Pessoa, one who liked the most
recently, My Body - Emily Ratajkowski.

Film: The origin, Fan No. 1 of Leonardo DiCaprio.

A song: Harry Styles Satellite.

A podcast: Sniff of Another Angelo.

An object: A mug.

Favorite place in the world: It would be in Algarve, where I was born and grew, perhaps the beach
chiringuito or my parents' house, my port of shelter, always.


Who and what inspires you? My mother and my boyfriend inspire me a lot,
They are very talented people, both in painting and in illustration. Inhale-
very much in nature, in the flower fields, on the beach and also in standards
day-a day, for example I already created designs inspired by the tablecloths of the
my grandmother. Sometimes in good conversations the best ideas come up.

What do you still need to create? I liked to create a lamp in the form of
Mushroom in ceramic.

How to maintain creativity: Something that helps me a lot is to travel, be in place
that I have never been and be aware of the details, as cliché that can
seem. It is also good to get out of our routine, try things
New. Or simply not force, if we are on a day without
Creativity is accepting and turning off a bit.


First thing to do when you wake up: A glass of water

How to relax at the end of the day: I usually drink a MPL Cocoa Drink
Beauty And see a series of comfort.

A place to turn off: Beach, in the field or even my sofa.

Preferred physical exercise: Pilates.

How to discharge the stress: Sometimes not in the best ways ahah, but
Good music and sing/dance help.

A woman who inspires you: My mother, no doubt. In my area,
ceramic, I would say Anna Westerlund and the CECILE MESLAN.


Your ideal diet is ... Our Mediterranean diet, very based on

What do you always have in the fridge: Tomato Cherry and Courgette- Always

Favorite drink: Strawberry.

Favorite Restaurant: Difficult, I can say 3: Cacué, Coyo Taco It is Leetta.

Favorite kitchen books: Any of the Mystery couple.


Beauty icon: Alexa Chung

An essential piece of clothing: An oversized blazer and some gang pants
Mums jeans.

What is not lacking in your beauty routine: Moisturizing cream It is eye serum.

Product MPL'beauty favorite: I love Mineral sunscreen Stick

How do you feel more beautiful? With the hydrated skin And a Make Up Glowy, light. But even more after a beach day.