Horoscope July

From the serene and nostalgic energy of Crab, we end the month with the fire of Leo, right at the height of summer. Grab a cool drink and find out what the stars have in store for you this July.

Important dates:

July 3 - Full Moon in Capricorn: Logic, control and discipline will be the guidelines of this Full Moon. Anything that requires planning and decision is now to be done.

July 17 - New Moon in Cancer: to slow down, connect with your intuition, intimacy and the space that brings you the most comfort.

July 22 - Leo season is on! expect a surge of confidence and an increased desire to make yourself seen and heard!

July 28 - Mercury in Virgo: Productivity and energy on the rise! You may have the right energy to finally move dormant projects forward.


Capricorn and the Full Moon invite you to focus on your work and your professional achievements, investing in planning and organization. Your motivation and concentration will be high and you should take advantage of it, before turning to your more family and relational side, with the New Moon in Cancer. Take advantage of the end of the month, with the Sun in your house of Creativity, to invest in all your most enjoyable hobbies. It might even be a good time to reflect on what truly gives you pleasure and why.

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Your sign is aligned with the energies of the Full Moon. Earth to earth, commitment, habits. If any of these things have been slipping, it's a good time to look for restructuring. July 22 will be an important date, with the Sun entering Leo and your planet Venus in retrograde motion, both emphasizing your house of close relationships. Taking care of yourself and your most intimate space will be a priority, as will making yourself (and you) known in a genuine way to those closest to you.

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Mercury, your planet, is on a real roller coaster this month, passing through three signs. It starts July in Cancer, emphasizing your finances and bringing some responsibility and commitment into your life. Then it moves into Leo, making you dive into your communication and self-expression in front of others. Finally, into Virgo, putting the focus on the Home sector and your ways of showing affection to others. It seems that July brings you a little bit of everything, and not much boredom and stagnation, just the way a Gemini likes it!

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The full moon highlights your need for structure and stability and this will be a theme for your close relationships. You don't have to feel bad about asking for more dedication and security from someone! Take advantage of the new moon to get all your needs met. Anything that makes you feel comfortable and happy is welcome. It's time to put yourself first.

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Capricorn's full moon energy brings back some consistency and stability to your routines, which you like and which the seasonseason may have momentarily robbed you of. The New Moon asks you to collect yourself, preparing for the start of your life. seasonwhere all eyes will be on you. You will not lack confidence!

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Don't take yourself too seriously and have fun - that's what the full moon in Capricorn invites you to do. Enjoy it, as the end of the month will be much more introspective, with the Sun traveling through your 12th house, the case of shadows, emotions and more intimate matters. Taking care of yourself and feeling beautiful and confident has never been more of a priority.

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The Full Moon focuses on your role in your home, giving you even more desire for organization and improvement. Take the opportunity for a reorganization or deep cleaning! The New Moon, on the other hand, will put the focus on your professional life. A job that makes you feel emotionally rewarded and allows you to care for others is essential for you. If any change is needed in this area, to meet this, it can be done now. The end of the month, as the Sun enters Leo, will illuminate your desire to connect and communicate with your community.

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Although you are a discreet sign and appreciate privacy, the truth is that you may be feeling more seen. This is because Lilith, Venus, Mars, Mercury and the Sun are all in Leo and in your 10th house, which we can say is the house of popularity. The challenge is to let yourself go, without wanting to control everything and not try to hide so as not to be seen. It is good to feel recognized for your work and dedication to others.

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This month brings you clarity. It's a good time to organize finances and even enjoy a treat from some investment or savings you've made. The new moon in Cancer will highlight the time you devote to others and you may feel more in demand than usual to give advice and spend time with those closest to you. Also remember to keep some time for yourself. The Sun's entry into Leo on July 22 highlights your need for knowledge, adventure and discovery, so it's natural to feel a desire to do something new or (re)discover a passion.

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If you've been wrapped up in the sentimentality typical of the season of Cancer, this Full Moon in your sign and first house of the Self may make things clearer and more objective, just the way you like them. The new moon will be a good time to let your guards down when it comes to your relationships, show yourself vulnerable and embrace the emotional security they bring you. It's natural to feel some numbness this month as some planets are in retrograde motion, including Saturn, your sign planet. Sometimes it feels like everything is moving slower than you want, but that's just the universe asking you to exercise patience.

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Despite being a forward-looking sign, nostalgia may be taking over lately, with the energy of Cancer and a few planets in retrograde motion. Don't despair! The Full Moon promises to restore that spirit of curiosity, exploration and openness. The Sun's entry into Leo may increase your desire to relax and unwind, especially now at the height of summer. Our advice is to take advantage of the sunshine and lots of swimming to relax body and mind.

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It's not difficult for you to navigate the sensitivities that Cancer brings with it, so it's natural that you felt at home. The New Moon will be a time of creation and imagination, ideal for daydreaming and writing down whatever comes into your head. On July 22, the Sun enters Leo, illuminating the areas of Health and Wellness. This will bring you focus and determination in this sector, so it could be a great time for a new exercise plan, a better sleep routine or new skin care. What a treat!

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