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FAQ´S Proteção Solar

FAQ'S Sun Protection

Sunscreen: we answer all your FAQS

‌Our solar range has grown, from sunscreens in sticks and cans , to options with a more fluid texture , and even a sunscreen for hair.

As we have received some questions about various products in the solar range, we are going to simplify everything in this post, answering the questions we have received the most!

Are all mpl'beauty protectors mineral and biodegradable?

Yes! No sunscreen contains chemical filters and all ingredients used are biodegradable , with no risk to marine ecosystems.

What is non-nano and uncoated zinc?

Non-nano refers to the size of the zinc particles. To improve the stability of cosmetic formulas, zinc nanoparticles are used which, although they have advantages, the effects they can have on the environment and our body are still unknown. Therefore, we chose to use non-nano zinc, which is equally safe and effective. Uncoated means that the zinc has no coating , being less processed and more similar to the mineral in its pure state.

Is mineral protection less effective than protection with chemical filters?

On the contrary, it may even be more effective, as it creates a physical barrier that prevents the absorption of sunlight. Furthermore, it works immediately after application, as it does not need to be absorbed into the skin.

Do protectors leave white marks?

Although zinc oxide is whitish and has a pasty texture, we have managed to improve the formulas by combining it with butters and natural plant extracts, so that it does not leave white marks and is easy to apply, without compromising the effectiveness of the protective filter.

Can protectors be used by children?

Zinc oxide is completely safe for children and is, in fact, an anti-inflammatory ingredient, ideal for sensitive skin . We have two sunscreens - in sticks and in cans - specifically formulated to care for little ones' skin.

Can they be used on any skin type?

Yes, all of our sunscreens are suitable for all skin types, including the most sensitive. In addition to zinc oxide, which contains anti-inflammatory and calming properties, sunscreens contain other botanical active ingredients that soothe the skin and support its regeneration.

Can people with acne use these sunscreens?

Yes. Zinc oxide is a natural anti-inflammatory and may even have positive effects on acne care. It will not irritate the skin or worsen skin inflammation.

How do I know which protector to use?

We recommend using at least a sunscreen with SPF30 . For people with very fair complexions or very sensitive skin, we recommend SPF50. As you get darker, you can reduce the SPF if you feel it makes sense.

Do mpl'beauty sunscreens have different textures?

Yes. If you prefer more fluid textures , choose the invisible lotion SPF50 for the body and Puro Sol Leite Solar SPF30 for the face. If you prefer a cream texture , can protectors are the best option ( SPF35 or SPF50 ). Sun sticks ( SPF30 , SPF35 or SPF50 ), although they are solid, are very easy to apply , because they melt when in contact with the skin's temperature and spread easily.

How do I stop my solar stick from melting?

Solar sticks are sensitive to temperature and therefore should not be stored in places that are too hot. Avoid leaving it stored in the car on very hot days, for example, and, when you're at the beach, always leave it in the shade. If you have a thermal bag to store food, it can be a good place to store it and keep it protected from the sun.

Does hair sunscreen make hair oily?

The light texture of this protector prevents the hair from feeling heavy and oily, leaving it looking shinier and more hydrated. Creates a protective barrier between hair and external aggressors.

And can it be used on all hair types?

Yes, it is suitable for all hair types, and especially important for very dry, dehydrated, damaged, frizzy or colored hair.

Does hair sunscreen work as a thermal protector?

The hair sunscreen contains natural silicone, which creates a protective barrier between hair and external aggressors, such as high temperatures. Therefore, although the use of hot dryers and straighteners is not recommended, your hair will be less damaged if you use this oil as protection.