April Horoscopes

March brought us Spring and the beginning of another astrological year. This time always seems to us a breath of fresh air and great for new beginnings, and it is no coincidence, since it coincides with the season of Aries, a sign marked by energy, impulsiveness, and action.

Here are some important dates for the coming month:

April 6 - Full Moon in Libra:
Take a moment to reflect on how much energy you spend on your needs and the needs of others. Is there a balance? Rethink mismatched relationships and strengthen true bonds, with those who know how to reciprocate how much they give.

April 20 - Solar Eclipse in Aries: Eclipses are rare astronomical moments and this one even more so because it is a hybrid eclipse, which means that depending on where on Earth you are, you may see it differently (like partial, total or annular). The energy of this movement joins the energy of Aries and inspires us to act now (and think later), to go after what we want, to start new life projects.

April 21 to May 14 - Mercury Retrograde: The first of the year! This transit happens in the sign Taurus and "attacks" everything that are values associated with this sign - security, finances, possessions, and basic needs. It is normal that you will experience setbacks, confusion, and miscommunication on these issues. Taurus will be one of the most affected signs, along with the other Earth signs: Capricorn and Virgo.

It is your season and the energies are all in agreement that you should invest in yourself - and the eclipse underlines that! Your surroundings will make you feel capable and independent, as you love so much. This explosive energy will only start to slow down with the arrival of Mercury Retrograde and the Taurus season, but be patient (yes, we know this is hard for you...). Take the opportunity to reflect on your finances and investments, without major conflicts and communications with third parties, and you will see that it will only be a passing period.

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For you, this month is all about self-care! The Full Moon in Libra, a sign also ruled by Venus, planet of pleasures, shines all its light on the rituals and habits that bring you satisfaction on a daily basis. With its season, on the 20th, comes also a Mercury Retrograde, which can bring some discomfort and insecurity, two things that stir you. Take a deep breath (after all it will be temporary!) and take the time to reflect on what steals your time and energy, and if they really deserve that space in your life.

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Gemini Take advantage of the Full Moon to be with people who nurture and inspire you. It is part of your Nature, as an Air sign, to seek these connections with others, and this will be the perfect time to take steps toward creative projects. Plus, the solar eclipse in Aries brings an energy of impulsiveness, confidence, and action and asks you to lead, to create, and to bring people together. Take advantage of Mercury Retrograde to look inward and recharge your batteries after more explosive weeks.

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Career is a major theme for you since Jupiter moved into Aries late last year. So with the solar eclipse in the same sign, expect bustle, dynamism, and progress happening in that field. Take advantage of the Full Moon to bring some tranquility into your life and hold on to family and home, two things that are so important to you.

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O Sun Kitto scent your home and make it even more your space, but keep the same energetic and vibrant spirit that the month calls for.


The Full Moon shines in your third house, that of Communication, so it is natural that you feel even more outgoing and willing to share your ideas. Take advantage of this energy! Starting on the 11th, it is your 9th house of (self)knowledge, wisdom, adventures, and spirituality that is in focus. The energy of the solar eclipse will give you a boost to take new paths toward your personal development and beliefs. Take advantage of the latter part of the month to slow down and reflect, to get back into action once Mercury Retrograde passes.

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Career and future plans seem to be the focus this month. Mercury, your planet and the master of communication, thinking, and rationality, will be in your ninth house, so your vision and ability to look ahead will be very sharp. Keep your values and vision well in mind, because Mercury Retrograde at the end of the month will bring a lesser sense of clarity and security. Try to let go and watch the wave go by, to get back on track right away.

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The Aries season is juicy when it comes to relationships, partnerships, and socializing. We might say you've been spreading your charm! Our advice is to slow down at the Full Moon and focus on yourself, to calm down a bit and come back to the charge afterwards, as the solar eclipse in Aries keeps the energy high, inviting you to take risks, to start new projects and partnerships. The end of the month, with the entrance in Taurus and the arrival of Mercury Retrograde, can shake a bit the feeling of security and make you feel (even) more indecisive and doubtful, but remember that it is temporary. Take advantage of this phase to hold on to what you see as stable and lasting in life.

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Expansion! That's the right word for Scorpio women, with a transit of your planet, Mars, the planet of action, that seems to favor your ability to make the impossible possible. More productivity and determination, and a thirst for new things, from experiences to people. Take advantage of the Full Moon to balance the scales. With so much getting things done, don't forget the well-deserved rest. All great achievements require energy.

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Mark April 11 as doubly important. Venus, planet of love, moves into your house of partnerships, making this month ideal for commitments, especially for two. On the same day, the Sun will illuminate your planet, Jupiter, in Aries. Jupiter is the planet of growth, expansion, luck, and prosperity, and everything indicates that whatever you start now will bear good fruit in the fruitfulness. Your adventurous spirit will help the possibilities to be endless.

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Not that hard work scares you, but shyness doesn't always let you get the credit you deserve. Take advantage of the Full Moon phase to show your ideas and projects and to ally yourself with like-minded people with whom you can progress together. Take advantage of the dynamism that the eclipse in Aries will bring, and for Capricorns in particular, it may be in the home and family sector that things are about to change. With the arrival of the Taurus season and Mercury Retrograde, seek satisfaction in the things you do in your spare time and look for them to be really nourishing to your spirit.

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With Saturn, your planet, roaming through the house that holds your values and beliefs, a time of growth and rebuilding your own image and attitude is in the air. As the intellectual sign of the Zodiac, sharing your ideas and convictions with others is key, and you can take advantage of the Full Moon phase to do just that. New opportunities for success may arise if you let your passions and determination speak louder. Don't forget that Pluto, planet of transformation, is stationed in your sign for the next 20 years. So it is quite normal that you feel yourself changing - and always for something better!

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The first half of the month will be marked by the movement of Venus, which brings out your more sensitive and caring side and will make you want to enjoy the simple things: company, good food, art, and sex. With Sun and Jupiter, your planet, meeting in Aries on April 11, you may feel a surge of enthusiasm to achieve goals or an energy of growth on a financial level. The eclipse will also help the party, so take advantage of it. The arrival of Taurus and Mercury Retrograde invites you to write down your most solid ideals and find comfort in them, even when misunderstandings and setbacks seem to be around.

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