How to Choose the Right Drops for You

Perhaps you have already tried thedropsor you may be curious about them but not quite sure what they are or how to use them.

They areone of the most effective ways to support our organism, since these drops are a concentrate of medicinal plants and are therefore absorbed and assimilated in the best way internally. Perfect for those who are not used to powdered supplements.

You can add these drops to water to reinforce hydration, or you can put them directly in your mouth. Adding these drops to your water is like "mining" your water with all the benefits most evident in each plant.

At this time when our life is in a state of thousand, with all the reasons to be more stressed, anxious and with everything and anything to deal with, it is more than normal that our body shows signs of fatigue. Less concentration, more fragile hair, irritated skin... All of these aremanifestations of stress that we can help to resolve in a natural way. Think of them as an extra, powerful push to strengthen your hair and skin, or to sleep more soundly, or to have a less difficult digestion. And of course it is very important that you add to this kind of reinforcement a healthy diet.

In this post you can understand better the composition of four of our drops and how they enhance the full functioning of body, mind and spirit!

Beauty Dropswith silica, rose & 72 essential trace elements

Based on minerals that support collagen and keratin production, leaving skin more elastic, firm and luminous. You will feel smoother skin and will also notice stronger nails and hair, as these drops strengthen all connective tissues of the body.To take daily up to 4 full pipettes, directly in the mouth or diluted in water.

Hair Dropswith Common Nettle, Horsetail & Juniper

To strengthen and stimulate hair growth and alleviate hair loss.In the composition of these drops arenettle and horsetailvery rich in silicon and various natural salts, whichstrengthen and accelerate the growth of hair, also working on its shine and softness.Nettles are effective incombat dandruff and oiliness. Ojuniper promotesunblocking of the hair folliclesand is also aantiseptic and antifungal.To take daily up to 4 pipettes full, directly in the mouth or diluted in water.

Sleeping Drops - with linden, chamomile, lemon balm, lemon balm, passion flower & polygala

To finally get aHelps in cases of insomnia or those who can't sleep through the night. It also supports those who feel more stressed or anxious, and can not turn off the mind at bedtime.Being ahydroalcoholic extract, we better assimilate the calming benefitsbenefits of the plants. Apassiflorais recognized for itsanxiolytic and antidepressant propertiesit also has effects on thealso has effects on headache control. Lime blossom, chamomile and citron are known to calm the nervous system. The formula istruly soothing andwhen taken regularly, can help you get a more consistent and deeper sleep.Take 4 pipettes full near dinner time, so that you are relaxed at bedtime. If you wake up several times during the night, you can take it again before bedtime.

Detox Drops - with chlorophyll

With the holidays approaching, these drops can help youpreserve your body's equilibrium, especially when you have the whole family insisting on tasting every dessert on the table!Besides tasting great, the chlorophyll is their main element of action:helps remove toxins, improves liver function, and promotes brain oxygenation and gut health.
To take 4 full pipettes at least 1 time per day, preferably at night to support the body's natural cleansing during sleep.

*The feedback has been simply fabulous! I have received countless messages, emails and phone calls from people who have seen immense benefits.

**The dose is 4 pipettes filled daily, or whenever you need them. The pipettes only fill half way - that's the right dose! So fill the pipette as far as it will go and put two of those measurements in a drink or directly into your mouth.

***You can take several drops at the same time, no problem. The important thing is that you take them conscientiously to see the results.