Horoscope December

What do you mean, the last horoscope of the year?! One more that began to fly. Let's get the most out of the end of another cycle, paving the way for what's coming. Here's what you need to know!

The full moon in twins on the 7th, focuses on our friendships and our power to socialize. Mars will be retrograde in twins, so it may be time to face conversations that it really needs to have. Do not panic, but let's end and start the year with retrograde Mercury (from December 29 to January 18). But there is also good news! Jupiter, Lucky Planet and Expansion, will move to Carneiro (from December 20). It is time to mobilize efforts for everything you want and aims, because it means abundance!

Read more about your sign and ascending. Hopefully you will enter 2023 super inspired and with positive energy!

With Mars, the planet that runs ram, in retrograde motion, perhaps is struggling with many obstacles. Everything changes when Jupiter enters his sign, bringing him a huge wave of luck, abundance and love. On the other hand, retrograde Mercury asks him to be cautious about professional decisions. Why not take a break. Rest and reflect, to make better decisions and take advantage of Jupiter's abundance earlier this year.

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With retrograde Mars in the finance sector, it is possible to feel delays and frustrations in this field - this energy will be different from December 7th! The end of the year, with retrograde Mercury, asks that it encompasses and reflects on its objectives. Think well and manifest your truest desires for a prosperous 2023.

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This is the month to communicate its authenticity and truth. Jupiter in Carneiro anticipates a year of growth and strengthening of a community. It is important to evidence as a leader to obtain the results that make sense. Explore your curiosity and ability to evolve and adapt.

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This month may be hard and may feel exhausted, with retrograde Mars in the sector of privacy and mental health. It is imperative that rest, relax and get carried away by your intuition. Jupiter will bring luck when he touches his career, from December 20, so he advances and pursues his ambitions. The new moon will affect the partnership sector, so you may feel an energy to move forward and build something new with someone close.

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The moon full of December 7 will shake its social side, where opportunities may arise. Later, Jupiter will move to his expansion sector. It is likely that you feel your horizons open in different facets of life. The New Moon will also boost your productivity and feel your time filled with new projects and ideas. Don't let retrograde mercury cause confusion about what you really want!

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With retrograde Mars in the career sector, expect frustrations. Nothing to get into big projects or get into great conflicts with bosses or colleagues. Instead, wait for the full moon, where everything will seem more laughing in this area. The New Moon will also bring good news about (new) relationships, creativity and fertility. Enjoy!

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Jupiter is walking through his productivity, so he may feel his personal, professional and health routine in Altas. The full moon will mean expansion to the scale and then Jupiter will strengthen relationships and partnerships. Even with retrograde Mercury trying to confuse her and back her in these areas, the month ahead is prosperous!

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Jupiter's entrance to Carneiro invites the scorpion to root with the most important routines and details for a happy day to day. If we change little things, we can feel bigger and better results. Reflect on what you want to let go and what you need to let in!

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This is the month of Sagittarius, so it is normal to feel a more favorable energy on your side. Still, beware that Mars retrograde in the partnership sector may bring conflicts, tensions and distances. But the change will come with the full moon, transforming separation into union. Jupiter's movement will bring passion, luck in romance, creativity and fertility. It's your month - and it's going to be laughing!

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It is not the end of the most friendly year. You may feel exhausted and frustrated as Mars is asleep in its productivity area. Do not pull too much and learn to rest. Enjoy the full moon from December 7, which promises improvements in well-being and routine, both personal and professional. Do not forget the New Moon in its sign, on the 23rd, an open door to realize what you want most - but UPS, retrograde Mercury will give an air of your grace. Much to happen, so grab well!

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Slowly is the word that defines this month to Aquarians. The New Moon of the day 23 screams rest, just like retrograde Mercury, which attacks the same area of ​​your life. Height to solve past situations and return to life after a deserved introspection.

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It is in one of sharing what you like best with people and groups close to you. Explore your curiosity and what makes you feel filled with the people you want to keep around. Jupiter, planet of miracles, goes back from his sign, so it is time to plan his dream life - 2023 is announced very prosperous and abundant!

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