5 steps to keep the skin always hydrated

Simple routines that make your skin more elastic, bright and healthy.

Keeping the skin hydrated and without imperfections is to choose a good moisturizer, but not only. There are small routines that we can keep up to date to improve the appearance of our skin. Many of them are also a great time to relax and invest in their well-being. Enjoy!

Keep exfoliation up to date: Exfoliation releases pores and removes dead cells, leaving the skin ready to be well hydrated. It is also essential for a uniform texture and skin tone. Once a week, you should not fail this step with your exfoliating preferred. And of course, it should moisturize the skin well right after.

Use a good moisturizer: Whether an oil or a balm, you should apply it daily to the right dose of nutrients your skin needs to stay firm, bright and smooth. What your skin needs can change over time, according to the season or some specific time that is leaving your skin in a certain way. This post explains the difference between a oil it is a body And when we should use each one, to help you choose the most right option for yourself.

Use your brush: It is a great way to stimulate blood circulation and the lymphatic system, facilitating toxins removal. You will notice that at the end of the massage the skin is reddish, as if it had made a light physical exertion. It's a good sign! The massage should be done dry, without oil - this should be applied at the end. It helps prevent and decrease cellulite and contributes to more radiant skin while improving the absorption of your moisturizer.

Do a massage with water: These modeling tools are wonderful to delineate not only the lines of the face, as well as those of body. If it has not yet surrendered, it should, because the benefits are numerous. In addition to improving the absorption of your moisturizer, attenuates brands, cellulite and blemishes, stimulates the lymphatic system, reduces swelling and tones the skin. If you haven't tried it yet, you can start with Firm kit. In addition, this massage relieves accumulated muscle tension while moisturizing your body with super effective botanical actives.

Hydrate from the inside out: Last but not least, do not forget to drink too much water - a cross rule so that so many beneficial things can happen in our body and be visible on our skin. To give your water a boost, drink Gotas Beauty, once twice a day. It transforms a simple glass of water into a true tonic for the stimulation of collagen. Rose water brings a wonderful flavor and high hydration capacity.