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GIFT COLLECTION: As melhores ideias de presentes para acertar este Natal

GIFT COLLECTION: The best gift ideas to get it right this Christmas

If you're one of those super-organized people who loves to plan and make lists for anything and everything, then I'm sure you've already started thinking about Christmas presents and know exactly what you're going to give your best friend, your mother, and even that secret friend at the office party (whoever she is!).

But not all of us are equally blessed with such excellent planning skills. It was thinking about the puzzle that Christmas presents can be for the most indecisive - ah, decisions, decisions - that we prepared this Gift Collection so special, full of novelties and super-exclusive, of course, because they deserve it!

Despite all the affection we feel and the overwhelming desire we have to please those we love the most, it's not always easy to get it right. But we can help. With wonderful ideas and beautiful, inspiring and, yes, super practical gifts, prepared with the utmost pampering and formulated with the best natural and organic ingredients, all with the most important people in your life in mind. Check it out.


For those who nourish the good things in life

Christmas gift ideas

We know that you need to nurture good vibes and that this starts from within. That's why we've created a collection of organic chocolates that are a feast for the senses, a delight for the mouth, and at the same time help regulate emotions, because they contain blends blends of medicinal plants, superfoods and adaptogens.

There are five premium chocolates (four white chocolates and one dark chocolate), which literally combine the useful with the pleasant: pink chocolate with raspberry and the strength of Pure Beauty, green chocolate with the best Matcha in the world to increase Focus and lift the spirit, white chocolate with Mucuna to improve mood, orange chocolate with Curcuma to boost immunity (coming soon!), and dark chocolate imbued with our Calma blend to bring serenity to Christmas stress, and more.

Each chocolate is handmade from natural and certified ingredients and decorated with love, with beautiful dehydrated citrus fruits and delicious edible flowers, all from the best provenance and all from national producers. We know it's going to be hard to choose, but we're sure you'll find the right people to match!

 Christmas gift ideas

Another gift you'll love to discover, wonderful for your BFF who needs cheering up, is the set of cceramic mug + instant drink setto give your favorite people really special moments. You can choose between four cups (lilac, yellow, aqua green and pink) and combine them with the right drink for the person you're going to surprise: Focus, Detox, Immunity, Pure Beauty e Calm.

For those who love to experiment

christmas gift ideas

They're one of the most incredible novelties we've prepared: the exfoliating foams combine the best of both worlds - the cleansing action of the shower gel and the regenerating power of the body scrub - and are the ideal gift for those who love discovering new things. That friend who follows all the trends and never misses a pre-sale? This is for her.

With the avant-garde in mind, the exfoliating foams are available in three versions: Energizeto start the day full of vitality, Cotton Doce, for a sweet moment, and Relaxto calm down and restore balance after an exhausting day. Always formulated with the best natural ingredients, and scented with nature's most perfect aromas, to spread all over the body under the shower, leaving the skin clean, fragrant, super soft and moisturized and with a healthy glow.

For those who need to relax

For the stressed friend, the grumpy mother or the busy colleague, we have prepared gifts specially designed to inspire calm and serenade body and soul: the aromatic vegetable wax candles and our Self Care Kit.

Christmas gift ideas

Christmas calls for candles, but these are so beautiful and special that we'll want to light them all year round, spreading tranquillity, beautiful light and a delicious scent throughout the house. Illuminating our Gift Collection, to spread the light to those you love the most, we have created three 100% vegetable candles (paraffin-free, with soy wax and coconut) and with natural fiber wicks for this Christmas. They are Sea, Detox e Puro Solall with subtle and delicious aromas (choose from marine, herbal or citrus notes) and all in beautiful glazed terracotta earthenwarein three colors as soft as the perfumes they release.

christmas gift ideas

But there's more. For those who really, really need to strengthen their self-love and pamper themselves a little (or give it to those who need it most), we have created a new capsule collection with the Essential Self Care Kitan instant balm to take care of ourselves without rushing, with all the affection that each special being in our lives deserves. A declaration of love in the form of a personal and portable spa, this kit includes bath salts (with himalayan salt and epsom salt, coconut powder and rose petals), our super Relax Scrub, the Calm Soluble Blend and even Pau Santo and a candle to spread the good vibes.

For those who like to focus on the essentials

Simplifying is the key word here. But also discovering, experimenting with and benefiting from all the features of our plus-ones: hand-picked products or completely new formulas that we've developed for our customers. capsule collection capsule collection and which you can now offer to those who deserve it most, in the right size and in the desired sequence.

Christmas gift ideas

They're the best of the best, which we've grouped together in four Essential Kits to care for and nourish deeply, and spread beauty wherever they go (and you can see it right from the boxes, with an exclusive, vibrant and inspiring design, created for the festive season by the wonderful Catarina Carreiras). After getting to know the four magnificent - Essential Face Kit, Essential Body Kit, Super Hair Essential Kit e Essential Eye Kit - you're sure to find the right sets to delight your special people. Was this really true?