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Aposto que não sabia isto sobre Desodorizantes Naturais

I bet you didn't know this about Natural Deodorants

Let's be clear: the most important thing about a deodorant is that it works! After all, the aim is to keep our armpits dry and odor-free throughout the day (all day!). Therefore, a good deodorant must first and foremost be absolutely reliable, keeping us away from embarrassing situations.

As well as being reliable, leaving you feeling really good, a good deodorant should be easy to apply, smell good and be friendly to your armpits. Yes, that's right. We don't want it to cause irritation or close our skin pores. That's why looking for the right natural deodorant for you, which in addition to the benefits has a pleasant smell, is a good option.

Discover the benefits of natural deodorant

Benefits of natural deodorant

Sweating is a natural process that keeps the body at the right temperature and is one of the ways our body gets rid of toxins. But when it comes into contact with the bacteria on our skin, sweat takes on that not-so-pleasant smell. Free from aluminum and artificial fragrances, natural deodorant doesn't act on sweat - which is healthy and a natural process - but on its side effects, neutralizing the smell. Here are 5 good reasons to switch to a natural deodorant (if you haven't already).

  1. Helps control odor naturally: natural deodorants don't prevent perspiration, they simply act on the smell, using the power of plants, clays and essential oils.

  2. Allows perspiration: perspiration is the body's natural cooling mechanism, and natural deodorants allow it to occur naturally. Only without the smell.

  3. Protects your body from toxins and other artificial ingredients: most deodorants contain chemicals that can be absorbed by the body. This is not the case with natural deodorants, made from botanical ingredients.

  4. It respects the skin's ecosystem: natural ingredients are friendly to your skin. Especially in sensitive areas such as the armpits, it's important to choose products that don't cause irritation.

  5. Respects the planet: made with 100% natural ingredients, natural deodorant will give you the protection you need, while also protecting the planet.

Benefits of natural deodorant

It's natural, and it works!

And what's more, it smells great! Because they are formulated with 100% natural ingredients and contain no aluminum or synthetic fragrances, our deodorants let your skin breathe, neutralizing odors and leaving your skin fresh, fragrant and moisturized all day long.

Discover our Rose deodorant at stick or in creamformulated with plants, clays and essential oils. And if you prefer the freshness of citrus fruits, you'll love the Tangerineor the tropical sweetness of the deodorant Passion Fruit and Coconut. For the most sensitive skins, we have created the deodorant Sensitivewithout bicarbonate, which can cause irritation, and with activated charcoal, with a vanilla, cocoa and lavender scent.